A Lot of Faves & A Fail! Drunk Elephant, Milani, YSL | October 2017

Happy Friday! Here are my Faves & Fails for October 2017!!

I knew I’d cause a stir by giving my opinion on the DE C serum, but I’ve gotten so many requests to review it that I had to finally bite the bullet even though I knew fans of the product would be upset.

Just wanted to make it clear that I’m not questioning the integrity of the company, or saying this is always oxidized. It could be fresh & effective for about 3 months but with the colored ingredient, you just can’t be sure. IMHO, they could easily replace the colored ingredient (a soothing ingredient so not the star of the show) with something else that isn’t yellow. Like any product, some people love it and some people don’t.

I prefer Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid serum. It’s $25 and always arrives clear (or cloudy white which is also good), and I can see when it starts to oxidize. At that price it doesn’t kill me to dump some of it if I don’t use it all up before it turns yellow. They also have a 90-day freshness guarantee and I have a $5 discount code if you’d like to try it:

https://www.timelessha.com/discount/HOTANDFLASHY ($5 discount will automatically be applied at checkout, no code needed)

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