Behind the Scenes In Angie’s World

New Products:

I was very excited to open a package from DS Laboratories containing 3 products (if they all work, my life will be complete!!):

DS Viterol

~ DS Labs Viterol A~
Under Eye Wrinkle Lotion

DS Lash Gel

~ DS Labs Rebita.EPS ~
Eye Lash Growth Stimulator

DS Acne Gel

~ DS Labs Trioxil.PM ~
Anti-Acne Gel

I also received a package from NeoCell containing their Collagen Beauty Builder dietary supplement pills and their Resveratrol Antioxidant supplement pills to test. They’ve also offered product for a giveaway!

Collagen Builder

~ NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder ~
Just 6 pills a day for radiant, smooth, hydrated skin and stronger nails!


Resveratrol Pills

~ NeoCell Resveratrol Antioxidant ~
Age defying micro-nutrients for cellular rejuvenation & youthful vitality

Acne Update:

It’s been a month since I quit taking Spironolactone, and I feel so much better! I declined the antibiotic cream my dermatologist prescribed and decided to see if the DS Labs product (above) works. I also started moisturizing at night with coconut oil which has anti-bacterial properties, and so far, so good! My skin’s been clearer than it was on Spiro!!

Healthy Eating:

I traveled to Florida this week to visit my parents. We ate out almost every meal, so it was hard to eat super healthy. But I followed my usual regimen of getting salad instead of french fries, and ordering grilled fish with veggies as often as possible. Fortunately, south florida restaurants specialize in fresh catch fish! I even got a relatively healthy pizza (here’s a pic)!

Cauliflower pizza

Not a flattering picture, I know, but this Cauliflower Pizza was piled high with cauliflower and tasted great!

Seasons 52 Desserts

Who can resist these little dessert shots? I had the chocolate peanut butter bomb!


When in Rome, they say, do as the romans do. . . so I joined my mom and her friends at their community exercise class which is lead by one of my mom’s friends (who is a former health club instructor and certified trainer). The regulars are in their 70s and 80s, but there were younger visitors each day and the class was challenging for all ages!


Sadly, I had to leave this . . .

& came home to this . . .

& come home to this . . .


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