Best Random Beauty & Lifestyle of 2020!

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KISS Magnetic Eyeliner Charm Lash Kit: (Ulta), (Walmart)

Eyelure ProMagnetic Flutter Light No. 007 Lash Kit: (Ulta), (Target)

eSalon: Get your first custom hair color for only $15!

eSalon Light Set Highlighting Kit 25% Off:

L’Oreal Frost & Design in H85 Champagne: (Amazon), (Walmart)

KISS ImPress Nails:

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Medium: (Ulta), (Amazon)

St Tropez Tanning Mitt:

Follain Sugar & Shea Body Scrub:

GHD Curve 1.25” Curling Iron: (Nordstrom), (Amazon), (Sephora)

Your Face Pillow:

10″ Sleeping Wedge:

12” Sleeping Wedge:

8” Selfie Ring Light:


Blue Marble iPhone Case:

There’s A Chance This Is Wine Mug:

Cup Warmer (Color: white 2):

Grey V-Neck Sweater (On sale!):

Jeans & Boots in sweater video:,

Circle Hem Cardigan in A-Grey(S):

Camisole w/Lace Straps:

Coated Leggings:

Zella Joggers:

Henley & sneaks in jogger video:,

Spanx Pants:

Beanie Hat:

White Cover Up Dress (OS):

Studded Sandals: Snake in stock:, on sale:

Studded Sandals with Ankle Wrap:

Winter Boots:

Wrap bracelet:

Fitbit Watch:

Replacement Band:

2-Strand Necklace:

Star Necklace:


Face Mask:

Method Cleaner:

Shark WandVac: (Amazon), (Walmart), (Target)

Bissel Handheld Vac:






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