Casual OOTD

I notice I always start my outfit posts with info. about the weather here in New England, but I can’t help myself, what I wear is directly tied to the weather (which changes by the minute)! So, while it’s the dead of winter and I should be all layered up in a big sweater, it was 55 degrees so I could wear a lightweight top with 3/4 sleeves without freezing.

OOTD Zara Top


Top: Zara (my new favorite store!), black silk body with grey knit attached shrug.


Necklace: My mom gets me the best jewelry! But she mainly shops at small local boutiques, so I can’t tell you where to get one, but isn’t it pretty?!?


Watch: Fossil self-adjustable watch with extra large face and numbers — great for  declining vision!


Jeans: Hudson low rise, flappy pocket, skinny jeans (not exactly age appropriate with the low rise, but the longer top takes care of it!)


Boots: BP at Nordsrtom, black suede booties with outside zipper and 3″ heel.

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