Clarisonic Mia Review & Comparison with Mia 2

I recently purchased a new authentic Clarisonic Mia sonic face brush system to replace the knock-off one I had received as a gift last christmas. Now that I have the real thing, I thought an updated review was in order.

Clarisonic Mia with Cashmere Brush Head

Clarisonic Mia with Cashmere Brush Head

If you’re interested in finding out more about fake Clarisonic products and/or want to check to make sure yours is authentic, click the link for my article on how to spot a fake Mia 2:

Now, on to the review of the Clarisonic Mia.

All I can say is WOW what a difference it is having the real thing!

Clarisonic says that using one of their ultrasonic cleansing brushes will get your skin 6X cleaner than manual washing, help anti-aging serums absorb deeper into the skin, make pores appear smaller, and deliver softer, smoother, more radiant looking skin.

Mia Back

While I can’t really tell if my serum is absorbing deeper, I can say that my skin is much cleaner, my pores do appear smaller, and overall my skin is smoother and more radiant after I use the Mia. In fact, my face is so clean and smooth that it shines after washing.

I use my Mia at night with a gentle non-foaming cleanser. It has a one minute timed cycle during which I gently float the bristles over my face and neck in small circular motions. You don’t need to press hard to get your skin beautifully clean. I even did a little toner test to see if there was any makeup left on my skin after using the Mia and the cotton pad came out clean!

Mia Front

I use the Cashmere Luxe head for my extra sensitive head and only use the device once a day even though it’s safe to use 2X a day. The device itself is very low maintenance. It holds a charge for about 20 days and charges overnight with the included p-link charger cable. The brush head needs to be cleaned with soap and water after every use to remove dirt and makeup, and the brush head can be easily removed weekly to clean under it.

I decided to get the more basic Mia model this time rather than the Mia 2 mainly because I didn’t want to spend over $100 on the handle since I also have to buy the Cashmere Luxe head for another $30. The Mia normally retails for $125 (but I had a coupon to get it for $99), while the Mia 2 costs $150.

Both the Mia and the Mia 2 are the same size and shape and fit the same heads. They both have a 1 minute cycle and shut off automatically. The differences between them are that the Mia 2 has a few more features like the T-timer (buzzing within the 1 minute cycle telling you when to switch areas), 2 speeds, a light around the on button telling you when the unit needs charging and a longer warranty.

When I had the fake Mia 2 I never used the faster speed and I ignored the t-timer because 20 seconds was too long in any one area so I thought I’d be fine with the Mia. Instead of the light on the handle around the button, it vibrates to indicate the battery needs charging.

I’m really happy with the Mia, and feel like my face is cleaner than it’s ever been, and I even think it may be helping to keep my hormonal acne in check!

Prefer video? Watch here:


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