Egg White Eyelid Lift ~ Does It Work?

I’m always looking for an easy and inexpensive fix for my sagging, crepey, hooded eyelids. . . I’ve tried eyelid tapes, eyelid glue, eyeshadow techniques, and now I’m actually going to put egg whites on there! I’ve heard that a thin coat of egg white will tighten up the lid as it dries and create an eyelid lift so I want to know… does it work?

Of the things I’ve tried, egg white definitely seems like the least harmful. . . it’s all natural, inexpensive and most of us already have it at home. So, let’s give it a try, shall we?

Here are my eyelids before:

Egg Whites Before front

Using a Q-Tip dipped in the egg white, I applied a thin coating of egg to each eyelid on the crease.

Egg Whites & Q-tip

I waited about 40 seconds with my eyes closed for it to dry, then opened my eyes and. . .

Egg Whites Wow 1st open. . . was shocked to see that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! or should I say WORKED. . . Until 2 seconds later when I blinked and my eyes went back to normal. . . POOF, results gone.

Since there was a brief moment of success, I tried another coating applying the egg white over more of the lids. . . waited for it to dry . . . opened my eyes and. . . Nothing.

I tried a total of 4 layers, and the effect seemed to get worse with each layer:

B&A Front copy

Top: Before                                  Bottom: After 4 Coats of Egg White

Top: Before              Bottom: After 4 Coats of Egg White

Top: Before                                     Bottom: After 4 Coats of Egg White

The dried egg forms a film that makes the skin less elastic causing some new and different wrinkles to appear. It can best be seen on video as can the moment after the blink that ruined the effect. Watch the full video to see all the details of why this is another failed experiment.



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