Eyelid Tape Giveaway Winners & Sizing Guide

I’m pleased to announce the 10 winners of the Beauty Logic Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes!


Nelly, Susan DeFoe, Kim Grant, Carol,Deniele Kasper, Terri, Veryl, Karen Malzahn, Tyra Hudson, and Dawn B.!

Thank you to Beauty Logic for offering to give away 10 sets of eyelid tapes to my readers!

(Winners were chosen at random from comments left on a previous blog post and will be notified by email.)

Fiber Lace Eyelid Tape Sizing Guide:

The Beauty Logic Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes are the best solution I’ve found for holding up my sagging hooded eyelids. I don’t wear them every day, but on those occasions that I want a more open or awake eyelid appearance, these do the trick quickly and easily!

They come in 4 different sizes and the photos below show how each one looks applied to my lids to help you decide which ones to choose if you were a winner or if you purchase them.

Here’s a “before” pic of my eyelids so you can compare:

Hoods Before

“Before”: No Eyelid Tapes used on either eye… like many people my sagging is uneven


Small Beauty Logic Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes

Small Beauty Logic Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes

Small Tapes w Ruler

Small Tapes for Size

Small Eyelid Tape

Small Tape Eyes Open

I only put the small tape on the left eye because it really didn’t make any difference, my hood just swallowed it up!

The small size is the most “invisible” on me, but it also did the least to hold back my eyelid.



Beauty Logic Eye Tapes Package Medium

Medium w Ruler

Medium Tape for Size

Medium Eyelid Tape for Size

Medium Tapes Both Eyes Open

With Medium Tapes on Both Eyes

The medium tapes are a little too short to fully hold back the entire lid leaving some strange looking overhang!



Beauty Logic Eye Tapes Large Pkg

Large w Ruler

Large Tapes Position Eyes Closed

Large Eyelid Tapes Applied to Both Eyes

Large Eye Tapes on Both Eyes

Large Eyelid Tapes Both Eyes

The large ones are the best fit and best performing for my amount of eyelid skin. They work well and don’t create any awkward creases and are almost invisible.



Beauty Logic Eye Tapes XL Pkg

XL with Ruler

XL for Eyes Closed

XL Eyelid Tapes on Both Eyes

XL Eyes Open

XL Eyelid Tapes on Both Eyes

The XL models were the easiest to position and were also quite successful, but I think the flat bottom of the Large is better for my eyes than the crescent shape of the XL.

Once the glue is set you can apply eyeshadow right over the tapes to make them less visible.

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