Favorite Workout DVDs ~ Part 2

In addition to my many, many Firm and Tracie Long DVDs, there’s a smattering of more difficult titles to keep my progress moving forward. I find the key to good looking muscles is variety and challenge, so I like to mix it up!

Here are some of my favorites:

Jari Love

Jari Love Ripped to the CoreJari’s workouts are hard! I always have to psych myself up to do one, but I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I finish. Get Ripped to the Core is no exception. This DVD is one solid hour of high-rep weight training combing upper and lower body movements in each exercise. So when you do wide squats for your inner thighs, you’re also doing bicep curls, lots of bicep curls… anywhere from 34-70 reps!


Jari Love Ripped 1000Get Ripped 1000 claims to help you burn up to 1,000 calories doing the workout! This DVD adds in aerobic intervals before each weight lifting combo to burn those extra calories and keep the heart rate up. Jari invites you to her “push-up party” in such a happy way, it almost sounds like fun… until you realize she’s going to make you do 70 pushups! Again, great sense of accomplishment when you finish this one!


Paul Katami

Paul Katami KettlebellsKettle Bell Drills is a great way to keep your butt, hips, and thighs toned and lifted! I don’t even know how many squats I do in this one, but it’s a lot. This workout is so much fun that the time flies by. Paul is a no nonsense instructor and I love the way each set starts out with a really basic move and then he adds on to make it more and more challenging.


Cathe Freidrich

Cathe Freidrich DVDMy newest DVD is Cathe Freidrich’s Athletic Training Low Impact Workout. I’ve always wanted one of Cathe’s DVDs but she usually has complicated choreography on the step bench that I can’t do because I’m such a clod! This one is low impact with simple choreography on the step but it’s still a tough aerobic workout along with long toning sequences with heavy weights and bands.


Resources for these and other workout DVDs:

The Firm Direct: http://www.firmdirect.com/firm/ecs/main/index.html?gclid=CPaale6n2rcCFdKj4AodGnUA1g

Tracie Long Training: http://www.tracielongfitness.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=3

Jari Love: http://www.jarilove.com

Paul Katami: http://www.paulkatami.com

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Jari Love Ripped To The Core

Jari Love Ripped 1000

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Tracie Long Defined Lines

Tracie Long Leaning Out

Cathe Freidrich Low Impact

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