Flabby Arms/Bat Wings ~ Arm Toning Exercises for Mature Women

I get asked all the time by my YouTube viewers to make a workout video and they finally wore me down, and to my great surprise, here I am posting a workout video. I was reluctant to do one because I’m not an exercise professional, just someone who works out at home and loves it! For the first video, I’m concentrating on the upper arms and shoulders because that seems to be a problem area for most women and people like my results and want to know how to get them.

My disclaimer on this is that this is not an instructional video, it’s merely me showing some of my favorite moves from my favorite DVDs (click here for Favorite DVDs 1, and Favorite DVDs 2). If you decide to workout along with me, you do so at your own risk.

Flabby Arms/Bat Wings ~ Arm Toning Workout for Mature Women


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