Foundation Friday Over 50 | #18 | Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation

In today’s Foundation Friday for Over 50 I’ll be putting Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation + Concealer to the test to see how it performs on less-than-perfect mature skin. It’s not easy finding a foundation that works beautifully for older women and finding a good one from the drugstore is nearly impossible! The younger gals are raving about this new formula from Milani, so let’s see if it works for us too…

FFOF #19 Milani Conceal + Perfect Thumb

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation + Concealer retails for $9.99 for 1 oz. and comes in 14 Shades

Milani says this is:
  • Medium to full coverage,
  • Lightweight, oil-free formula
  • Longwearing, water-resistant and sweat proof
 Milani 2-In-1 Foundation
Milani Conceal + Perfect comes in a heavy weight glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The formula is reminiscent of Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (which I didn’t like at all so fingers crossed for this one…)
Insert Pump Swatch 2.MOV.Still001
This foundation is a water and silicone base (containing 6 silicones) with some wax. It’s fragrance free, alcohol free, oil free, and paraben free.
Milani C+P Swatch
I chose “03 Light Beige” which is a good match for me if a bit on the yellow side. The color is natural looking and not grey like so many drugstore foundations.
Milani C+P Swatch Arm

Day 1

I applied the foundation with my fingers over un-primed skin. It’s a thick formula but it’s not stiff so it spreads easily and blends smoothly.

Milani B&A Day 1 Blog

The coverage is definitely medium to full using less than 1 pump. It offers really good coverage of tonal issues like redness (nose, chin, cheeks), and also covers age spots and blemishes pretty well although not completely.

Milani JA Close Blog

It did tend to settle into pores leaving minor spottiness. It didn’t do anything to smooth the surface texture of my skin, but it didn’t make it look worse either. There was no settling into wrinkles or fine lines.

Milani JA Close Chin

It has a nice low luster satin finish that’s flattering on mature skin from a conversational distance. It doesn’t overly accentuate wrinkles but it’s not going to “perfect” them either… my textured skin looks pretty much the same, just covered by makeup!

5 Hour Check-In:

It’s getting shinier on my forehead, but overall still looking good! It’s not too worn off, and it’s not drifting around, drying out my skin, or breaking up.

Day 1 5 Hrs Full Face

I was out working in the garden and I have to say, it held up really well! When I came inside and saw myself in a mirror, it looked pretty good considering…

Day 1 5 Hrs Close

10 Hour Check-In:

Day 1 10 Hrs Full Face

It crashed and burned some time after hour 8. Not looking hideous, but shiny, sliding around, and ruffling up dry skin flakes.

Day 1 10 Hrs Close

Day 2

Today I wanted to try it with a primer (for a smoother look and increased wear) and a brush to apply. I used Dr. Brandt Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion and my Morphe G6 brush. The foundation is so thick and stiff that it’s difficult to spread with a brush and sadly that expensive primer didn’t do a thing to diminish my pores or wrinkles. The foundation went on smeary over it and looked super thick, cakey and down-right bad. So I washed it off and started over.

Day 3

For my 2nd try I used Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, mixed the foundation with a few drops of Josie Marin Argan Oil and applied with the Morphe G6.

Milani B&A Day 4 Blog

The addition of the oil made it much easier to apply with the brush, but it also changed the finish from satin to shiny.

Milani B&A Day 4 Close

The coverage was a bit sheerer so 2 coats were needed on my cheeks where I have some breakouts. I again applied IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder to tone down the shine and I was pleased with the look.

5 Hour Check-In

DAy 4 5 Hrs Full FAce

I like how the oil sheered it out a little and added some luminosity, but it also made it slide around and start wearing off after only 5 hours. I won’t be back for the 10 hour check since I didn’t achieve my goal of longer wear.Day 4 5 Hrs Close

Day 4

For filming day, I always pull out all the stops to make it look it’s best which means Smashbox PhotoFinish Light primer, applying with a damp Beauty Blender sponge, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder, and for this one, ELF Mist & Set setting spray too. I really want to make sure I can get it to wear for the full 10 hours! Doing it this way makes this a foundation that I quite like!

Milani B&A Day 5 YT

It’s certainly not “perfecting” my skin’s “ripply” texture but I’ve seen it look a lot worse with other foundations I’ve tried…

Day 5 JA Close Chin

Here’s what it looked like out in the bright sun:

Bright Sun

It was a really hot day so to see if it really is “sweat-proof” I sat in my hot car for 5 minutes!

Hot Car Pic

My kids thought I was crazy, but agreed that it still looked good (if quite a bit more “luminous”) after I got out of the car!

Day 5 After Hot Car

I had an event to go to at the high school that evening so I powdered this down again but was perfectly comfortable wearing the foundation out in public.

10 Hour Check-In

YES! It finally made it to the 10-hour mark still looking good…

Day 5 10 Hrs

Thank you Smashbox PhotoFinish Light primer!

Day 5 10 Hrs Forehead

Overall Performance

Application: It goes on easily with fingers or a blending sponge and blends smoothly. It’s a little too stiff to work well with a brush, but adding a few drops of oil or moisturizer can help.

Coverage: It provides solid medium coverage with less than 1 pump and can easily be built up to full coverage. It easily covers redness and evens skin tone. I used a little extra as concealer on blemishes.

Finish: It has a low-lustre satin finish that’s flattering on older skin from a distance but up close shows skin’s texture.

Pores: It settles into pores leaving slight polka dots that are visible up close but not from a distance when applied with the fingers. With primer or using a blending sponge, it didn’t settle into pores.

Wrinkles: It didn’t settle into wrinkles around my eyes or lower on my face, it did settle into my fine crepey wrinkles on my forehead when applied more heavily.

Wear: It looked good on it’s own for about 5-6 hours but was not good at 10 hours. With primer, powder and setting spray it lasted for 10-12 hours.

Feel: Face feel is slightly tacky, and it never seems to fully set. It’s a bit heavier that I like in general but those who like heavier makeup or fuller coverage could really like this!

Phone Test:

Phone Test


Flash Photography Test:

Milani Flash Photo Blog

It’s not giving totally white face with the flash, so I’ll say it passes this one.

The Verdict:

This one surprised me! I thought I’d hate it because thick, full coverage makeup just isn’t my thing, but I kind of like it. The main thing I like about it is the soft satin finish, and that whenever I passed a mirror I thought it looked good. When I examined it in my close-up 15X mirror I was less happy with it because it really isn’t perfecting if you don’t already have perfect skin, but I guess that goes with the territory over 50! The one big drawback is the wear time so it’s definitely not for people who don’t want to use primer, setting powder, and spray.

Overall, it’s a solid, good-looking drugstore foundation that can be flattering to older skin.

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