Foundation Friday for Over 50 | #11 | Rimmel Lasting Finish

FF #11 Rimmel Lasting FinishIn today’s Foundation Friday for Over 50 I’ll be putting Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Skin Perfecting Full Coverage Foundation* to the test to see how it performs on less-than-perfect mature skin.

The Rimmel website says that this foundation will provide:
“Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day.
Skin perfecting full coverage

– Blends flawlessly, seamlessly, instantly and easily into the skin
– Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours”

Rimmel Lasting Finish retails for $6.99 for 1 oz. at drugstores and comes in 11 Shades. There’s a really good selection of shades for lighter skin tones with 4 shades of Ivory, another 4-5 medium shades, but not much for dark skin-tones.

Rimmel Bottle Closed

It provides SPF 20 sun protection from a mix of mineral and chemical sunscreens (titanium dioxide & octinoxate). It’s got a whopping 52 ingredients, but is mainly silicones and water. There are no anti-aging ingredients and only a couple of potentially irritating or drying ingredients such as talc, fragrance, and denatured Alcohol (25th + 26th respectively), but they’re low enough on the list that they shouldn’t be a problem for most.

Rimmel Bottle Open

It comes in a heavy weight glass bottle with an open pour plastic screw top that I wish was a pump dispenser (I wish all foundations came in a squeeze tube or pump bottle).

I got it in 201 Classic Beige which is a little light and a little pink for me, but all the shades are natural balanced tones that look natural and not greyish like so many drugstore foundations. I’d buy a shade darker than you think you’ll need as it goes on lighter than it looks in the bottle.

Rimmel Swatch

I used it 4 times with vastly differing results. I liked it best when applied with a blending sponge to get sheer-medium coverage and set with mattifying powder. I liked it least when I put it on with a brush and built it up to full coverage. It was okay applied with fingers.

Day 1: Because of it’s thick texture I applied it with a damp Beauty Blender sponge. I didn’t use primer or setting powder so I could see the finish and how it wore on it’s own.

B&A Day 1 Rimmel Blog

It covers redness and tonal issues very well and freckles and blemishes are partially covered, but they need additional concealer for flawless coverage. It has a dewey finish that looks natural, not cakey. It didn’t settle into pores or make them look worse (although it didn’t make them look better either) and didn’t settle into wrinkles.

It takes a while to dry down completely, and stays tacky for a good 20-30 minutes. When applied sparingly it doesn’t feel too heavy, but I was more aware of it on my skin than other more fluid foundations I’ve tried.

Rimmel Day 1 5 Hours Close Blog

5 Hour Checkin:

I like it! When I pass a mirror, I think it looks good. Still no settling into wrinkles or pores! Contains tiny shine flakes that become more “luminous” but at 5 hours I didn’t feel the need to powder it or blot it.

Rimmel Day 1 5 Hours Blog

It looked pretty good even in the hot sun and didn’t sweat off, the shine particles make it shinier than I like and tend to accentuate ripples and surface imperfections.

10 Hour Checkin:

Still looks good overall but is starting to wear off on nose, pimples, and chin so it probably would not provide 25 hour wear. as promised. It has gotten shinier and needed powder or blotting by 8 hours. It was a little drying in small areas around the corners of my mouth and lower cheeks.

All Day Day 1 Rimmel Blog

Day 2: Fingers

Went on smeary and uneven, but wore about the same as Day 1.

Day 3: Applied with brush to get full coverage

Big mistake. At full coverage, I hated it. It settled into wrinkles and made skin look older and generally bad. Maybe it’s that the color’s too pale for me, but I think I look much better in the before picture!

B&A Day 3 Rimmel Blog

It looked okay from a distance, but up close was not the most flattering foundation I’ve ever worn!

5 Hour Check-In:

Day 3 5 Hours Blog

Looking pretty shiny at 5 Hours with full coverage

10 Hour Check-In:

Day 3 10 Hours Blog

At 10 Hours I look VERY shiny and skin looks rough.

10 Years older Day 3 Blog

You can see the shine flakes in this picture and how it cracked along my naso-labial folds…

Coverage: It provides solid medium coverage right out of the bottle, and can be built up to full coverage, but at fuller coverage it sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t look as good as at medium coverage.

Finish: When first applied it has a lovely soft-focus luminosity that’s very flattering to “mature” skin. It became shinier later in the day and the diffused light turned to a harder light which wasn’t flattering to my rough skin texture.


Looks good in a selfie!

Pores: Does not settle into pores!

Wrinkles: Mixed bag: at sheer to medium it doesn’t settle into wrinkles, but does at full coverage. Makes surface wrinkles and ripples look worse later in the day as it gets shinier.

After 8 hours my sun-damaged skin's texture was accentuated

After 8 hours my sun-damaged skin’s texture was accentuated when applied with a brush at full coverage.

Wear: Good for about 8 hours then gets shinier and starts thinning out and wearing off.

Rimmel Day 1 10 Hours Blog

At 10 hours my pimples are showing through again and it’s worn off on my nose and looking pretty shiny

Feel: Face feel is heavier and more noticeable than I like, hand feel is a little tacky at first but once set with powder it feels more set and dry. It can be slightly drying.

Phone Test: Does not live up to it’s claim of being transfer-proof.

Phone Test Blog

Flash Photo: Not good with flash photography

Flash Photo Blog

Not loving the “white mask” effect…

Verdict: A mixed bag, but for $6.99 I think the good outweighs the bad and it’s worth a try. It’s much better with a little primer and mattifying setting powder than it is on it’s own. Applied sparingly it does have a certain something that looks really nice for most of the day… it’s just when I look into my darn 15X mirror that I see it’s flaws (or rather my skin’s flaws that it’s not hiding)!

The Verdict: Worth a try, but use sparingly and apply with blending sponge

The Verdict: Worth a try, but use sparingly and apply with blending sponge

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