Foundation Friday for Over 50 #9 | Laura Mercier, Chanel vs. IT CC Cream

Foundation Friday for Over 50 #9 | Laura Mercier, Chanel vs. IT CC Cream

FF #9 Chanel vs IT CC

For the 9th installment of Foundation Friday I was going to review the much requested Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Edition Foundation. I did all the usual prep work of getting a sample, filming myself trying it, figuring out the best application method, forming my opinion. But when I went to film the segment, I realized that there were 2 versions of the foundation. . . and I have no idea which one I  have!

It’s partly my bad for not researching the foundation before I went to the makeup counter, but I’m putting most of the blame on the sales associate who didn’t write which one she gave me. One of them is oil free, and the other is moisturizing, and based on my epic fail of an experience with it, I’m guessing it was the moisturizing one… But I can’t write a review based on a guess.

So, while I’m bummed that I lost 3 days of work, I still needed something to post for Foundation Friday. . . Fortunately, my readers came to the rescue by requesting a head-to-head comparison of my new HG foundation Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet to my tried and true (but not quite HG foundation) IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream.

Here’s the low down on what I like and dislike about each:

Price: Tie

Chanel PLV retails for $47 for 1 ounce, IT CC+ costs $38 for an ounce. That’s in the same ballpark for me (I was actually surprised the Chanel didn’t cost more like $60, so under $50 was a pleasant surprise).

Application: Tie

They both can be applied with the fingers with great results (my preferred method), and both are good on their own, but can be improved with the addition of a primer.

Coverage: Tie

They both offer sheer, medium or full coverage (although I prefer both at sheer to medium). They’re both buildable and don’r require concealer for evening out skin-tone or covering most minor imperfections.

Flash Photo

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Finish: Chanel

Chanel PLV provides an almost matte finish that has the slightest bit of luminosity so it doesn’t look flat. I prefer a more matte finish because shiny foundations can accentuate my wrinkles and pores. It does get slightly dewier in my t-zone later in the day, but not so much that I have to powder over it or blot.

IT CC+ provides a much more luminous finish right out of the tube. Many people prefer the “youthful glow”, but for me it’s a little too much shine. I always powder my t-zone and under my eyes when I first apply it, and then re-powder or blot once or twice throughout the day.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Wrinkles & Pores: Tie

Neither foundation settles into wrinkles or pores. . . EVER!!

Feel: Chanel

Chanel PLV dries down to a very dry velvety feel. I love it when my face is dry to the touch and the makeup doesn’t transfer onto my phone. It’s been hot and humid lately and I’ve been having hot flashes and the Chanel stays in place and stays dry through it all. It’s light as air to wear.

IT CC+ also feels very light on the skin, but it doesn’t dry down to quite the smooth perfectly dry finish as the Chanel.

Wear: Tie

Both foundations wear for 10+ hours flawlessly. No sliding around, minimal show through, no settling.

Sun Protection: IT CC+

IT CC+ contains spf 50 broad spectrum all mineral sunscreens.

Chanel PLV has a broad spectrum spf 15 from a mix of chemical and mineral ingredients.

(I wear SPF 50 mineral sunscreen under my makeup every day so for me this isn’t a deciding factor).

Irritating Ingredients: Tie

Chanel PLV contains alcohol and fragrance (both within non-irritating levels for most people). But I’d prefer if it didn’t have those.

IT CC+ contains a few potentially irritating citrus oils, but citrus oil only causes a reaction if it’s applied directly to the skin and then the skin is exposed to sunlight. Since the CC+ cream provides spf 50, a reaction should not occur.

(Anyone with known allergies or super sensitive skin may want to do a patch test before using either of these products or avoid them altogether).

Beneficial Ingredients: IT CC+

IT CC+ cream contains many anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients.

Chanel PLV is a basic foundation with no skincare benefits

For me, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet is the winner, but IT Cosmetics CC+ cream still holds a place in my heart.

Overall, I’d say that Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet is better for people with combo to oily skin who like a matte finish, while IT Cosmetics CC+ cream is great for people with dry skin who like a more dewey finish.

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