Foundation Friday for Over 50s | Dior Nude Air Serum

Foundation Friday for Over 50s

I’m starting a new series of posts/videos today called “Foundation Friday for Over 50s” in which I’ll be testing a different foundation every friday for over 50 year old skin! In the past I’ve tried around 70 foundations and of those I’ve liked about 5-7 which just shows how hard it is to find a foundation that looks good on more mature skin (or it shows how picky I am. . . )

Older skin comes with it’s own set of problems like uneven tone, age spots, enlarged pores, surface roughness and wrinkles, and I’m sad to say I’ve got them all. So the ideal foundation would help to disguise those things and hopefully make my skin look better than it really is! So check back every friday to see if I’ve found the elusive “holy grail” foundation yet. . .

The first contender is Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation* ~ $53 for 1 oz., comes in 8 shades

This is a new formula from Dior that’s supposed to be a weightless, ultra-fluid serum with sheer correction and SPF 25 sunscreen (octinoxate 7.49%). It’s a VERY watery liquid that’s very pigmented.

Swatch Dior Nude Air

“Dior introduces Oxygen Activ™ technology, an innovative combination of a hyper-oxygenated oil, vitamins and minerals. . . Made with oils that evaporate instantly, the talc-free Diorskin Nude Air formula deposits an undetectable film of makeup on the skin. Its high-precision dropper easily delivers exactly the right amount.”

Dior Diorskin Nude Air

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a dropper for dispensing the product.


I was curious about that “Oxygen Activ™ technology” so I checked the ingredients and was surprised to see that it’s a fancy name for Oxidized Corn Oil! I looked it up on a cosmetics ingredient database and found that oxidized corn oil is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and be soothing to the skin. Reading the rest of the ingredients list, I found that the 1st 8 ingredients are silicones with the exception of #6 which is Alcohol. There’s also cranberry seed oil, vitamin e, and hyaluronic acid much farther down the list. There are a couple of irritants like fragrance, linalool, rosemary extract, and it may contain bismuth oxychloride. Also, this shouldn’t be used as your only source of sun protection since Octinoxate only screens out some UVA rays.


I tried the Dior Nude Air three times with three different application methods. First I tried applying with my fingers which didn’t work well at all. The 2nd attempt was with a blending sponge and that was ok. The 3rd time I used a primer and applied with a flat foundation brush, which was the best method.

Using primer and a flat foundation brush gave the smoothest result

Using primer and a flat foundation brush gave the smoothest result

Using primer and a flat foundation brush gave the smoothest result

Using primer and a flat foundation brush gave the smoothest result


It was surprisingly pigmented for such a watery serum. It gives sheer to medium coverage but would be hard pressed to build to full coverage. It definitely works well to even out skintone, but darker spots like blemishes and age spots need concealer. It blends seamlessly into the skin and was very easy to apply with the flat brush.

Dior Nude Air Brush B&A


It doesn’t dry down all the way so it remains slightly tacky and comes off on phone, glasses or anything that touches the face. It leaves a soft satin shine that’s a little too “glowy” for me so I used mattifying powder in my T-zone. It felt weightless to wear and was non-drying overall (my skin felt slightly itchy and dryish after 5 hours of wear).


Pores & Wrinkles:

Because it’s so fluid, it flows right into pores leaving behind the lovely “spotted” look and accentuating them, it also settled into wrinkles, but on the plus side it’s so thin you could only see it with 20X magnification… it didn’t cake into wrinkles or make the skin more stiff which can accentuate the look of wrinkles.

Sponge Wrinkles

Settled into wrinkles

Pores Sponge

Spotty in pores


This was not long-wearing at all. It started rubbing off on whatever touched my face immediately and my redness was showing through in just 4 hours (even with primer and setting powder)… It never set up so it wore off unevenly leaving my nose a splotchy mess, and it slid around on my forehead (so lovely)!

Brush Worn Off Nose

Sponge Smeared Forehead

Sponge Application Pics:

Dior Nude Air Sponge B&A Dior Nude Air Sponge All Day 5 Pics

Flat Brush Application Pics:
Dior Nude Air Brush B&A

Left: No Makeup, Right: Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation

Dior Nude Air Serum Brush All Day Side by Side













I was really hoping to find a winner on the first try with this series, so this was a pretty big disappointment. Between the less than stellar ingredients, the wear, and the price, I really can’t recommend it. For $53 I want so much more!

I love the fluidity of the formula and how easy it was to apply and blend with the brush and from a distance it looked pretty good for a few hours, but up close it never thrilled me and even when first applied I felt it looked a little waxy and too glowy, and when it started sliding around and clumping up, it was the deal breaker.


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