Fraxel Dual Laser 6-Month Update | Before & After

It’s time for my Fraxel Dual Laser 6-Month update. I had the treatment done back in January and optimal results are supposed to be seen between 3 and 6 months after.

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Fraxel Dual Update: 3 Month Before & After!

This was my 1st and only Fraxel Dual treatment so I could assess the results from 1 treatment. The experts and research suggest that maximum results of 75-85% improvement in sun-damage can be achieved in 2-3 treatments. The 1927 nm wavelength of this laser targets brown discolorations like sun spots and age spots as well as fine lines and wrinkles and to a lesser extent skin’s firmness. The 1550 nm wavelength targets deeper wrinkles, acne scarring, and firmness.

The procedure I had used only the 1927 nm wavelength and where I only had one, I’m looking for about a 25% improvement in brown discolorations and fine wrinkles, and some improvement in firmness, and in my actinic keratosis. I was really pleased with the treatment at the 3-month check-in but for this post I’m looking for continued improvement from 3 months to 6 months.

Let’s take a look:

Fraxel Before 3 Mo 6 Mo front Blog

In this series of photos I can definitely see a progressive improvement in my skin from 3 months to 6 months! The brown spots on my nose, forehead and cheeks are lighter and my skin looks overall clearer and smoother. I can see an improvement in firmness from before to 3 months by looking at the vertical lines to the right and left sides of my mouth. Unfortunately, just before I took the 6 month photos I had a stomach bug and lost a few pounds so my face is thinner and more angular and those wrinkles look the same as before but that could be from fat-loss in my face.

Fraxel B&A 6 Months Front Detail Blog

I do see at least a 25% improvement from before to 6 months. I can see the increased firmness in the naso-labial folds, cheeks, and eyelids and fading of discolorations on my nose and cheeks. I don’t see much improvement around my lips where she only did a few passes with the laser.

Fraxel Before & After 6 Mo Left Blog

This is the side with the actinic keratosis and it looks about the same (I was really hoping this would erase it). From before to 6 months, my crow’s feet are diminished, and the skin on my forehead looks smoother. My age spot is broken up more and the spots along my jawline are reduced!

Fraxel B&A 6 Mo Left Detail Blog

This is a close up of before to 6 months on the crow’s feet.

Fraxel Before to 3 Mo to 6 Mo Left Detail Blog

Same side showing progressive improvement from before to 3 months and then to 6 months.

Fraxel Before & After 6 Mo Right Blog

Turning to the other side, there’s improvement in all the same areas.

Fraxel B&A 6 Mo Right Detail Blog

Close-up of age spot and crow’s feet shows improvement over 6 months.

Fraxel Before 3 Mo 6 Mo Right Detail Blog

Fraxel B&A 6 Months Forehead Detail Blog

In this photo showing detail on my forehead, there’s a significant improvement in freckling and brown spots along my hairline and an improvement in the skin between my eyebrows where I usually get botox but I let it wear off for this treatment. Please note that there is NO botox or filler in use in these photos.

Cost of 1 Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment: I paid $1,500
3-4 Days
Wavelength Used:
1927 nm:
8-10 passes
1550 nm:
0 passes

Do I think the treatment was a success?

YES! I definitely got at least a 25% improvement in the things that the 1927 nm laser can treat, but I do wish she had used the 1550 nm on certain areas of my face. Overall, I’m happier with my skin since I had the treatment.

Do I think the treatment was worth the money?

Yes and No. I think it’s expensive, but when I consider that it’s a powerful laser being wielded by an expert I feel better about the cost. This is the kind of thing that I would not look for a discount on because of the risks of damage to my skin in less qualified hands.

Final Verdict:

This is the gold standard treatment for erasing signs of sun damage so I definitely like it for helping correct my 40+ years of sun-worshipping and I’m glad I got it done to see the results. I wish I had another $1,500-$3,000 so I could get it done 1-2 more times and include the 1550 nm part of the laser.

At this point I’m not sure if I’ll get another since IMHO this doesn’t eliminate the “need” for things like botox which is also quite expensive. While I like the improvement around my eyes from the laser, I’m still moving those muscles and causing new/deeper/longer wrinkles every day so I really like the preventive aspect of injectables like botox.

I hope you find my experience and pictures helpful if you’re considering getting this procedure!
xo ~Angie

Photo Disclaimer: These are un-retouched photos taken months apart in a home setting using the same camera and lighting for both (also no makeup). I try my best to match the exposure, face angle & expression but can not make conditions match exactly. Photos are here so you can judge the value of the procedure for yourself, not to convince you one way or the other. I am in no way affiliated with any laser treatment practice, or equipment and have nothing to gain financially by putting this information out there. All opinions expressed about the results are solely my own.

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