Fun With Face Masks!

While shopping on for a Korean BB cream, amazon suggested some face mask products. I was curious about them and liked the price point, so I threw a box in my cart and bought them! I bought “My Beauty Diary 2012 Limited Edition Variety Pack Sheet Masks”. It contains 15 different masks and a bonus de-puffing eye mask. I couldn’t decide which to try so I got the variety pack. A box of one kind is $15 for 10 masks, this box of 15 was $25.00.

All In One Masks

The variety pack includes the following: Cactus Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask, Bird Nest Mask, Black Pearl Mask, Pearl Powder Mask, Collagen Mask, Q-10 Mask, Apple Polyphenol Mask, Natto Mask, Lemon Vitamin C, Caviar Mask, Aloe Mask, Red Vine Mask, Bulgarian White Rose, Arbutin Whitening Mask, and the bonus eye mask.

The packaging is mostly in Korean, but there’s english on each packet so you can tell which one you’re using. I found good information on Amazon including the ingredient lists. Most of the masks are for whitening, softening, or moisturizing the skin. They all start with the same 5 ingredients featuring hyaluronic acid and then the ingredients change for each one.

Today I’m trying the Black Pearl Mask for skin whitening and softening. You open the packet, unfold the mask, peel the backing from the sheet mask and lay the sheet over your face. Let the mask sit on your face for 20-30 minutes. The mask clings to your face so you can move around, but I like to lounge while waiting. When time’s up, you peel the mask off to remove and rub the liquid into your skin.

Fun with Face Masks.Still004

After I’ve rubbed the serum in to my skin, it feels tacky for a while, then once completely dry, my skin does feel nice and soft, although it doesn’t really look any whiter or less wrinkled. So, while I don’t consider face masks a part of my serious anti-aging skincare routine, using them is a relaxing way to moisturize your skin and get it prepped for makeup application.

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