Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation & Master Corrector

I stopped at the Giorgio Armani counter recently to try out the Master Corrector and decided to take a sample of the Maestro Foundation home as well. Here’s my review of both products after using them for three days:

Armani Master Corrector

Master Corrector:

This product is an under-eye pigmentation corrector rather than a standard concealer. It comes in 2 shades. Shade #1 is a light pink and is for correcting olive/green/yellow undertones, while shade #2 is a medium orange which corrects blue/purple undertones. This product retails for $37 for a small tube with a tiny paint brush applicator. To use, you paint a thin stroke of the corrector near the inner edge of the eye and down along the discolored under eye area, and then blend with a finger or brush.

Armani Master Corrector application

This is one of the few things that I’ve tried that I think really works well! The formulation is so pigmented yet sheer that it blends easily and corrects the coloration without looking cakey or creasing. Even though it is quite expensive, I bought shade #2 because it works to correct the blue-ish undertones of my lower lids, a little goes a long way, so providing it doesn’t dry out, it’ll last a long time!

Armani Master Corrector app 2

Maestro Fusion Makeup: Armani Maestro bottle

This is the newest of the Armani foundations and is marketed as a “complexion perfector” using patented “fusion technology”. It’s an ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension that comes in 12 shades with an spf of 15. The recommended application method is to shake the bottle and with the dropper put 3-4 drops into your palm, rub hands together and sweep over face for sheer to light coverage. Doing just that, the foundation glides on easily and blends completely into skin with very little effort. You can add more where you need more coverage and it blends seamlessly as well. The wear time was about 5 hours before I had some shine on my forehead, and show through of my discolorations. I did notice that the pigment came off on fingers or tissues or phone every time I touched my face, so it never seemed to “set”. The finish is lovely, looking mostly matte and very much like skin because your skin does show through.

Armani  B&A

Unfortunately, those are the only good things I have to say about it. It is very expensive, coming in at $62 for 1 ounce. I found that the color oxidized during the day and became darker and more orange. But worst of all is that my skin broke out from wearing this for 3 days. The formulation is mainly dimethicones and trimethicones to make it glide over skin. It also contains denatured alcohol and benzyl alcohol which is too drying for me to use on a daily basis.

Click here to watch my full review on YouTube:

Armani Maestro & Master Corrector Review & Application

Armani Maestro swatch

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