Good Hair Day! My Complete Hair Care Routine

First let me say a big THANK YOU to my viewers/readers for all the compliments on my hair lately! After many many years of struggling with it and searching for the right products, I finally have it down so that every day can be a good hair day! So, read on for my complete hair care routine. . .

Skater Skirt Top Det

Just RIGHT!! A Perfect Hair Day!

My “real” hair is medium mousy brown in color, and fine with some natural wave to it. There used to be a lot of it, but as I get older, it’s not as full as it used to be. I’ve spent years struggling to find a colorist who can give me just the right natural looking blond highlights without going too light or too brassy (which is now complicated by an ever increasing amount of grey hair). I’ve tried countless products to help reduce my frizz and keep my dry processed hair looking like hair, and don’t even get me started on the search for hot styling tools that a “hair challenged” person like me can work.

Frizzy Hair


Hair Too Blonde










At the Salon:

I finally have a stylist who “gets me” and gives me exactly what I describe every time! I go to an Aveda salon and have a 2-color Aveda version of foils done (they use recyclable paper instead of foil but the rest is the same). My stylist uses a light blonde highlight and a natural neutral blonde lowlight. She uses a ratio of 2 highlights to 1 lowlight all around with a few more face framing highlights in front. I have the color done every 8-10 weeks, but I only have her cut it about 2-3 times a year. I’ve been growing out my layers for a while and now have mainly one length in back with a tapered curve (I don’t like a straight line in back), and long side-bangs with angling in front.


I feel like “The Flyning Nun” every time I go in for coloring!

At Home:

I wash my hair every 2-3 days with Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Shampoo*. I love how this shampoo cleans my hair without stripping it and reduces frizz. The matching conditioner is pretty good, but I tried Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong shampoo and conditioner on the recommendation of my YouTube friends and liked the conditioner better than the Marc Anthony. The Biolage Fiberstrong shampoo made my hair break off so I don’t use that, but I love the combo of Marc Anthony Shampoo and Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner* to de-frizz my hair and keep it healthy!

Marc Anthony BBF Shampoo

To towel my hair I use a Turbie-Twist Microfiber turban towel*. It doesn’t rough up the hair cuticle, and it’s such a clever design! You just twist your hair up in it and secure on top with the elastic band and it makes a lightweight, secure turban that absorbs the water from the hair.

Turbie Twist

Once I’m ready to style, I whip off the Turbie-Twist and comb out my hair with a wide tooth comb.

Then I rub a small dollop of Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-In-1 Leave in Conditioner* between my palms and rake through hair from ends to roots. This is my favorite styling product of all time. The scent is heavenly and it makes my unruly hair look and act like actual human hair! It’s expensive but worth it because it replaced 4-5 other products that didn’t work as well or smell as good. Best of all, it now comes in a bigger 5.1 ounce size* that’s more economical!

Alterna Caviar CC Cream in NEW 5.1 oz. size!

Alterna Caviar CC Cream in NEW 5.1 oz. size!

I’ve never been able to tame my hair with a round brush & blowdryer until this combination of products! I use a Hot Tools blow dryer* with my new Vidal Sassoon round brush* to get a straight blow-out.

Hot Tools Blowdryer


Finished Look After Side

If I want to go a step smoother I finish with the John Freida Hot Air Brush* by rolling sections of hair around the brush on high and then switching it to cool to set.

JF Hot Air Brish


Hot Lips Tag Thumb

After I blow dry I add a little moisture back in at the ends with a tiny amount of One N Only Argan Oil*. I put the thinnest nickel sized smear in my palms and rake it through my ends up to about ear level. The argan oil adds shine and makes the ends look healthier and hold together better.

One N only

When I want to curl my hair I now have a choice between two wand type stylers that I love! The first one I got is the InStyler*. It’s a very versatile tool that can smooth hair like a flat-iron, flip the ends like a good blow-out, or make curls like a curling iron. I was tickled the first time I used it and saw that it actually did all that! My only problem with it is that it’s a little confusing to use because of how it has to be held to make curls and the fact that the barrel only spins in one direction isn’t the greatest, but I do still love and use it.



Final Hair

InStyler Hair

I use Schwartzkopf Guardian Angel heat protection spray* with my hot tools. I really like how it protects the hair, holds the curl and doesn’t feel stiff or sticky.

I recently got the new Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler*, and it’s so quick and easy to use I’ve been able to have beachy waves every day! It is less versatile than my other 2 styling tools but as a niche curling tool it can’t be beat! I can literally curl my hair in 5 minutes with no chance of tangling my hair in it, or burning myself on it.

InstaWave Wand 2


Yellow Top Det 2

For the finishing touch, I lightly mist with my favorite hairspray, Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hold Hairspray*. I asked my YouTube viewers to recommend something and as always they came through for me! True to it’s name this is a workable, touchable, lightweight hairspray that doesn’t leave hair stiff,  sticky, or dull.

Now that I’m having a good hair day every day I have so much more time in my day, and so much more confidence!

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