How I Stay Fit + Reduce Belly Fat Over 50!

I’m 56 (almost 57) and I’ve always eaten a low fat diet and exercised regularly to stay fit. But now that I’m post-menopausal I’ve noticed a shift in how & where my body stores fat. . . it goes right to my belly!

So I’ve had to change my eating habits and move more to fight that aspect of the natural aging process.

I’m happy to report that the changes I’ve made have worked and I wanted to share them with you today!

Top Tips

Avoid “reduced fat” & “reduced calorie” processed foods.
The fats & calories are replaced by hidden sugars which turn in to fat in our bodies. Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables and cook from scratch more.

Reduce sugary drinks like soda & coffee drinks.
These beverages are sugar-bombs with about 40 grams of sugar per serving! Just one gives you 150% of your daily allowance of sugar. Swap in water or unsweetened green tea.

Swap out “saturated fats” and swap in “healthy fats” like olive oil, avocados, and nuts instead of butter, bacon, and cheese! These will help you stay slimmer while also being good for your heart!

Switch from “empty white carbs” to whole grain carbs. White bread, white rice, white pasta, all turn into sugar in our bodies & contribute to belly fat. Whole grains are higher in fiber so they don’t metabolize to sugar/fat as much as white carbs! Try whole wheat or multi-grain bread, brown rice, and wheat or quinoa pasta!

Stay on top of your workout routine. Improving your diet is only half the battle, you’ve also got to move more to burn that belly fat! Find an exercise routine that you enjoy so you’ll stick with it!

Use a “fitness tracker” to keep you motivated! My Fitbit tracks my exercise, my steps, my sleep and it even reminds me to get up and move every hour!

Check out my healthy recipes by clicking on the RECIPES tab at the top of the page!

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