How To Look Your Best for Special Occasions!

I’m headed to a blogger conference tomorrow and wanted to share My Best Tips & Tricks for How to Look Your Best for Special Occasions!

The goal is to have no surprises so you feel confident and beautiful!


  • Get grey roots colored no more than 1-2 weeks before the event & make the appointment far enough in advance to get your favorite stylist
  • Bring your regular shampoo/conditioner/styling products & hot styling tools.
  • If you’re having your hair done, arrange for a trial run with the hair stylist so you have time to find another if you don’t like what they’ve done. If you like it, snap pics to refresh their memory.


  • Get Botox/fillers topped up at least a month before the event so any bruising/swelling has time to heal.
  • If new to injectables get them 3-6 months before event & err on the conservative side to be sure you like how it looks.


  • If you’re doing your own makeup & are a pro at it, bring your holy grail products & plan makeup to coordinate with outfits
  • If you’re doing your own makeup but you don’t normally wear makeup, start practicing 6 months before event & try on lots of different products until you find some faves
  • If you’re having your makeup done, bring pics of makeup looks you like + pics of your outfit and hairstyle for the event if possible.
  • If you’re wearing false lashes but don’t normally wear them, use individual lash inserts instead of full strips.


  • Try on outfits 1-2 weeks before event with undergarments, shoes, & jewelry so you have time to get anything you need.
  • Snap pics of all outfits and use the pics to pack so you don’t forget anything (you can also send to friends if you’re torn between 2 outfits & need another set of eyes)!


  • Take the good stuff! You’ll feel your best if you bring your favorite makeup & styling tools.
  • Pack 2 suitcases: one to carry on & one to check.
  • Medium size checked bag will ensure you’re under the 50 lb weight limit and you can bring all your lotions/potions/hair/body/face products (& lots of shoes).
  • Carry on bag should contain valuables like jewelry & designer bags/shoes, makeup, outfit for 1st night + jammies/undies.

I hope these tips & tricks help you to look and feel your most confident and beautiful at your next special occasion! xo ~Angie

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