I Tested $675 Worth Of Sunscreen So You Don’t Have To!

24 Mineral Face Sunscreens Tested ~ White Cast? Greasy?

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My Favorite HG Mineral Sunscreens:

Undefined R&R Sun Serum SPF 50 PA++++
Get 10% Off with Code HOTANDFLASHY here: http://shrsl.com/4344g (Undefined),
https://bit.ly/3wg3hRc (Ulta), https://amzn.to/3XSRbtb (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3Pm0lLw (Target)

Elta MD UV Elements SPF 44: http://bit.ly/2Q0JbrE (Dermstore), http://bit.ly/2PZIezI (Walmart)

Dr. G Green Mild Up SPF 50+ PA++++: https://amzn.to/3N9sXG7 (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3IerVXi (YesStyle)

Australian Gold Tinted BB SPF 50: https://bit.ly/2YNcTDA (Ulta), https://amzn.to/3zA9Jpb (Amazon), https://bit.ly/2AgLEHb (Target)

Babo Botanicals Tinted Daily Sheer Fluid SPF 50: https://amzn.to/3RNDvh4 (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3z8Gf0R (Babo)

This Year’s “Winning” Sunscreen (Good on its own & good under makeup):

Neutrogena Tinted Mineral Sunscreen: https://amzn.to/3j77HH8 (Amazon), https://bit.ly/42c9ZVY (Ulta)

Good on their own, Not good under makeup:

Eucerin Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF 35: https://amzn.to/3MZigsd (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3IG4GXW (Walmart)

Good Molecules Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30: https://amzn.to/3OF0w6o (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3IIoYjI (Ulta)

Native Mineral Face Lotion SPF 30: https://bit.ly/3MP72qc (Walmart)

ClearSPF Tinted Daily Sunscreen SPF 30: http://shrsl.com/430zs

Hueguard Live Tinted 3-In-1 Mineral SunscreenSPF 30: https://bit.ly/44wIUPH (Ulta)

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen SPF 40: https://bit.ly/408mml9

Stream2Sea Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45: https://amzn.to/436RW4Z (Amazon)

Heliocare 360 Mineral Fluid SPF 50 PA++++: https://amzn.to/4390Ezw (Amazon)

Mychelle Protect Solar Defense SPF 30: https://amzn.to/43jIs6g (Amazon)

Just OK on their own, Good under makeup:

Murad Correct & Protect Serum SPF 45 PA++++: https://bit.ly/3IykYSF (Sephora)

Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Suncream SPF 30 PA++++: https://amzn.to/3qckVWv (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3ooDWEJ (YesStyle)

Not Good On Me:

Coppertone Sport Mineral Face SPF 50
Dermaka Sunscreen SPF 42
Think Tinted SPF 30
MyChelle Sunshield Liquid SPF 50 Non-Tinted
Cocokind Daily SPF Facial Sunscreen SPF 32
Pacifica Glow Baby SPF 30
Make P:rem UV Defense Me Calming Tone Up SPF 50
DRMTLGY Day Dream SPF 40
Dermalogica Porescreen SPF 40
I’m From Rice SPF 50+ PA++++
Bellflower Carrot Mild Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++
Everyday By UnSun Mineral Tinted Face SPF 30: https://amzn.to/3BW8Xml

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Pink/White Watch Band: https://amzn.to/3vn59Hw

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