I Was On Good Morning America!

What a thrill it was to be one of the three Over-50 Influencers on
ABC’s Good Morning America today!
We got to share our top tips on makeup, fashion, and weight loss for women over 50!

Thanks GMA!

Check me out on Good Morning America! Air Date: April 14, 2021

The GMA team put together a fantastic package about the impact of Influencers Over 50, and great graphics for the piece!

All the Deets

I got an email from a GMA producer the 1st week of April asking if I’d be interested in appearing on the show (what? who me? seriously?) and of course I wrote right back immediately saying I’d LOVE to!

From there we had a phone call to go over their ideas for the segment and I offered a few ideas for specific tips I could talk about relating to makeup and skincare. I was hoping to be able to give a few skincare tips too but in the end we only had time to do makeup.

The day before the broadcast I had a zoom rehearsal with the producer Jaclyn to go over my talking points and the graphics they’d be making to illustrate my tips.

I tried to go to bed early but of course couldn’t get to sleep because I was so excited and nervous…

My alarm went off at 5AM and I was due on Zoom with the other influencers, Barbara Aleks and Melissa Neil for a final run through at 5:50. We finished at 6:30 and I had an hour to shower and do my hair & makeup before being back infront of my laptop at 7:30 to wait to go live at around 8:15!

Suddenly I was on LIVE national TV and actual words were coming out of my mouth! I couldn’t believe it but somehow I managed to stay focused for my 30 seconds and give my makeup tips without messing it up! The other 2 influencers did a great job and even though it was short it was a whole lot of fun!!

Thanks again to Good Morining America for featuring Influencers Over 50!

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