Review ~ IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Heavenly Luxe Vanity Brush Set

The lovely people at it Cosmetics sent me their Limited Edition Heavenly Luxe Vanity Brush Set to review over the summer. I didn’t have time to do the review then, but I did start using them right away and most of them became instant favorites! I’ve been using the brushes now for a month so I can give a full assessment of how they perform.

IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Hevenly Luxe Vanity Brush Set

The set comes packaged in a lovely silver fabric covered tube that’s great for travel, or can be used to house the brushes on the vanity. There are 6 brushes included in the set which sells for $49.50 on QVC here in the states, and on The Shopping Channel in Canada. So, that’s only $8.33 per brush which is quite a bargain considering the overall high quality of this set! The brushes are made from 100% cruelty free hair that is ridiculously soft and feels great on the skin. They wash up well and retain their shape and softness without shedding hairs.

Now that I’ve told you a little about the set, let’s go over each brush and it’s uses individually.

“Heavenly Luxe” Dual-Airbrush Multi-Powder Brush

IT Big Brush copy

This is an oversized powder brush that I use to apply finishing or pore minimizing powder. It’s simply a gorgeous brush. The top surface is 2.5 inches wide and packed with the softest bristles that create an almost cooling sensation while applying powder. My teenage daughter and I both love it so much we’re fighting over who gets to keep it. I have lots of other powder brushes that range in price from $7 – $30, and I was satisfied with them all until I felt this Heavenly Luxe brush. This compares to a $45  brush I tried at Sephora but didn’t buy.

“Heavenly Luxe” Airbrush Flat Foundation Brush

IT Flat Found Brush

The flat foundation brush is also oversized with the brush head being twice the size of my other flat foundation brushes. This brush feels soft and silky on the skin, but I just don’t like how flat brushes work (or I don’t know how to work them). I always feel flat brushes put foundation on too thick, and leave brush marks. I much prefer to use a sponge or my fingers for foundation, so I won’t get much use out of this on. If you’re skilled at makeup application with a flat brush, then this is a nice brush.

“Heavenly Luxe” Airbrush Flat Concealer Brush

IT Concealer Brush

The flat concealer brush is the most versatile of the group. I’ve used it for blemish concealer, under eye concealer, and cream eyeshadow application and it’s great for all three! It doesn’t leave brush stroke marks and is great at feathering the edges for a seamless look. This has become my 2nd favorite brush in the set. It’s really the workhorse of the group.

“No Tug” Airbrush Crease Brush

IT Crease Brush

As crease brushes go, this brush head is larger, softer and less tapered than most. The advantage to this is that the brush does not pull on the delicate eyelid skin and really blends out the edges for an airbrushed look. The disadvantage is that it’s not good for applying small amounts of darker colors. I use this brush for applying my mid-tone from the crease up to the brow bone and for blending out a darker color that I apply with a smaller brush.

“No Tug” Airbrush Allover Eyeshadow Brush

IT Shadow Brush

This is the perfect all around shadow brush for me. Again, it’s super soft and slightly over sized making eyeshadow application practically goof-proof. It’s great for doing a wash of color all over the lid providing seamless blending. If you’re older like me and suddenly struggling with eyeshadow application because of sagging, crepey eyelid skin, this brush can really help. I really love this one and it’s quickly becoming my go-to shadow brush.

“No Tug” Eyeliner & Brow Brush with Spoolie

IT Spoolie

If you want to put on eyeliner without pulling on the skin around the eyes, then a push brush is the way to go. The angled end is made of short, stiff bristles that have a sharp edge for perfect push liner application. It can also be used for brow powder to fill in sparse brows. The spoolie is also small and stiff and great for grooming brows.





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