JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System First Look

I did a post and video recently about under eye concealers that ended with me lamenting the lack of effective treatments for under eye wrinkles. While I tried to put a positive spin on it by concluding that even the wealthiest and most famous people out there can’t escape or hide theirs, so it must not be possible to treat them, I still hold out hope that something will come along to change that.

Then, like magic I receive an email from a company that wants to send me their under eye wrinkle-removing device to test out! It seems too good to be true, but since I’m always hopeful, I jump at the chance to try this thing out.

JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System

It’s from a company called JeNu Biosciences and the product is the JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System. The packaging is lovely, clean and well designed. The box contains the Ultrasound Pro Wand, the Active-Youth Eye Treatment, Lip Serum, and two chargers.

JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System

The premise for this product is that standard wrinkle creams and serums sit on the surface of the skin until they evaporate, but that the JeNu ultrasound wand creates pathways into the epidermis to deliver their serums microspheres 12X deeper into the skin.

JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System

To use it, you simply put a pea sized amount of serum on the wand, turn it on, and gently rub it over the skin below and to the outsides of the eyes (or lips) for 1 minute. The package retails for $249, and the eye and lip serums sell for $52, and $22 respectively. The eye serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins A & C, and Matrixyl. The lip serum contains olive and grapeseed oils, and vitamins A & E.

JeNu Active-Youth Pro Skincare System

I’ve been using it for just over a week and I took some before photos, so I’ll be back in about 3 weeks to show you the results!

For more information and before & after pictures, visit the JeNu website:

To see my before & after pictures and read my full review of JeNu, click here:


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