Keeping Resolutions ~ Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions the other day because I heard a statistic that 86% of the resolutions people make are about weight loss, health, or fitness, but that 95% give up within 6-weeks. That’s sad because in the moment all those people really do want to become thinner, healthier, or more fit, but for whatever reason they were unsuccessful.

There are many, many reasons why people give up on their resolutions, but the main one is that losing weight is hard work, eating healthier is hard work, and getting in shape is… you guessed it… hard work!

But, my question is… what’s wrong with working hard to get something you really want?

Just think about the rewards of sticking to that diet/eating plan/exercise routine. They can be the most valuable rewards you’ll ever get! Rewards like a longer life, or a more active life with fewer aches and pains, or more energy, or better skin, or looking better, or buying smaller clothes, or feeling better about yourself, or getting fewer colds… the list goes on and on!

So, when you feel like giving up on your resolution, refocus your attention on what you’ll gain, and stick with it just a little longer. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing the rewards for all your hard work!

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