How to Make Vitamin C Serum Last Longer

Have you ever noticed that your Vitamin C serum turns a yellow or brown color after a few months? When that happens it’s oxidized and is no longer good to use, so it should be disposed of. . . but who wants to dump money down the drain? Here’s one way to make vitamin C serum last longer!


Oxidized Vitamin C Serum

Oxidized Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a great topical product for anti-aging, it fights free-radicals, helps with collagen production, provides sun protection, lightens age spots and brightens skin. The problem with it is that it’s an unstable molecule that oxidizes over time with exposure to light and air making it ineffective. Fresh active vitamin c serum should be clear or slightly whitish, but not yellow or brown.

You can pay anywhere from $25 to $150 an ounce for a vitamin C product, and even the expensive brands oxidize if they’re made from L-ascorbic acid.  There are some brands that use stabilized vitamin C esters, but it’s not clear if they’re as effective as those with L-ascorbic acid.

TimeLess Vit C

Timeless 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum

I use Timeless 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum which costs $25 on the timeless website (, or So, when I dump half of it down the drain, I’m only wasting $12.50, but that’s 4X a year, and over time it adds up. I began to wonder if I could transfer it into smaller containers and keep one tightly sealed and in the dark while using the other one daily and get it to last longer, so I conducted a little experiment… and it worked!!

I searched online for dark colored half ounce glass bottles and found some at I ordered 2 Cobalt Blue Boston Round Glass 1/2 ounce bottles, one with a cap and one with a dropper. The bottles together cost $1.74, the shipping was $6.95, so for an up front investment of $8.69 I’m hoping to save $50 a year!

Half Ounce Bottles

2 Half Ounce Bottles

I poured half of my Timeless serum into the one with the dropper for immediate use, and half into the one with the cap to save for later. I put it in my refrigerator where it would remain unopened in the dark. When the first bottle was finished in about 2.5 months, I got the one from the fridge, put the dropper cap in it and started like it was a new bottle. This one lasted about 2.5 months too, so while I didn’t double the time, I did get 5 months out of an ounce which usually lasts only 3 months! Give it a try!

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