Makeup for Hooded Droopy Eyes ~ Tutorial

This winter I’ve been loving this pink and burgundy eye look. It really brightens up the eye area on these dreary winter days. This makeup is great for hooded droopy eyes because it disguises the sagging skin, making it visually recede. Check out the difference in this before & after picture:

Products used in this tutorial:

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in “Inked In Pink”
  • NYX Love In Paris Palette “Let Them Eat Cake”
  • Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Grey
  • Maybelline Butterfly Mascara

Step 1:

Nyx Primer 1

Using a your finger or a flat brush, spread a thin layer of NYX Eyeshadow base over the eyelid starting at the lash line and blending up above the crease almost to the eyebrow.

Nyx Primer 2


Step 2:

Using a your finger or a flat brush, spread a thin layer of Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in “Inked In Pink” over the eyelid starting at the lash line and stopping at the crease.

Inked in Pink 2

Step 3:

Pink Powder 1

Using a  soft shadow brush, (IT Cosmetics “No Tug” All Over Shadow Brush) apply the brightest pink from the NYX palette over the eyelid starting at the lash line and blending just above the crease.

Pink Powder 2

Step 4:

Taupe Crease 1

Using a soft crease brush, (IT Cosmetics “No Tug” Crease Blending Brush) apply taupe eyeshadow shade in an arc above the crease by placing the brush in the center above the iris and blend side to side. If you have wide-set eyes, concentrate the color toward the inside corner. For close-set eyes keep the inner corners bright and concentrate the taupe toward the outer corners.

Taupe Crease 2

Step 5:

Maroon 1

Using a small pointed crease brush, (Japonesque 232) place the burgundy shadow on top of the taupe shadow, angle the brush up and out as though drawing a line from the corner of the eye toward the outer corner of the brow stopping half way. Then turn the brush horizontal and place more shadow above the crease at the outer third of the eyelid.

Maroon 3

Step 6:

With a  soft blending brush, (Sonia Kashuk Crease Brush) blend the burgundy color upward into the medium color using circular motions and leaving most of the eyelid light.

Blend 1

Step 7:

Tightline upper and lower lashes with Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Grey by pointing pencil tip straight in toward the eye, closing the lid down on the the pencil and rubbing it back and forth gently. Line the upper lid above the lashes.

Liner 2

Step 8:

Curl eyelashes and apply Maybelline Butterfly Mascara to upper lashes.


Eyes Closed Open



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