My Changing Skincare Routine ~ Part 1 Research

Since my discovery that Retin A and Retinol aren’t the same thing (see previous post), I’ve been doing a bit of research into the science of anti-aging products, and planning major changes to my skincare routine based on what I’ve found out.

Discovery #1: I’m a marketer’s dream! I believe everything they tell me, run out to the store, and throw money at them. You too?? (We need to stop this!)

Discovery #2: A dermatologist is the best source of information, not a company trying to sell you something.

Discovery #3: Anti-aging ingredients don’t necessarily cost a lot, so spending more does not make a product more effective.

Discovery #4: Most anti-aging active ingredients are unstable and deteriorate rapidly when exposed to air and light.

Discovery #5: Many anti-aging products are packaged in containers that expose the active ingredient to air and light making the active ingredient ineffective after opening and in some cases even harmful.

Ok, that’s enough discovering for starters. So, what does it mean for you and how you purchase skincare products?

1. The claims are getting outrageous. Words like magic, firming, lifting, sculpting… these are not things that a face cream can accomplish. Accept it!

2. Consult a dermatologist who doesn’t push private label products. They can recommend an appropriate anti-aging regimen that addresses your individual concerns. This may include everything from inexpensive drug store face washes and moisturizers, to a prescription for a tretinoin product.

3. You don’t need to spend a lot for good products. Many drugstore products have the same formulations of active ingredient as expensive brands. You just need to compare the labels on like products.

4. Do not purchase any anti-aging products with active ingredients that come in a jar or a clear glass bottle. Every time you remove the lid, you let air into the product which causes the active ingredient to oxidize, become unstable, and ineffective.

Based on this, there are at least 3 products in my medicine cabinet that need to go. It’s a shame too because they were expensive. But at least I found out now and won’t buy them again.

In Part 2, I’ll provide some links to where I got my information, and show my current skincare routine.

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