My Changing Skincare Routine ~ Part 2

I should be settled into my new skincare routine by mid January. I’m waiting to start a few things until after my IPL laser treatments are finished. So, until then, here’s my current skincare regimen:

As I mentioned in part 1, here are a couple of links to sites that had pretty good information on skincare products. In general, I don’t trust any site that’s also selling products, but Paula’s Choice is my one exception although I still take her reviews with slight skepticism because she is selling her own line of products.

Paula’s Choice:

I like the “beautypedia” tab here for product comparisons and recommendations.

Smart Skincare:

You could spend hours reading all the articles here, so much good science, and for a small fee you can download instructions on how to make your own anti-aging serums at home!

I’ll continue this post in January and also have the final before & after from my IPL treatments.

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