OmniLux LED Mask ~ 3 Month Results! Before & After Face, Neck, & Hand!

I’ve been using the Omnilux Contour Face, Neck & Chest, & Hand Masks for 3 months and I have before & after pictures to show you!

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Omnilux LED Mask

I’ve gotten really into red and near infra-red LED masks in the last year and have spent a lot of time researching what makes a good mask and which ones are the best so they can deliver results! IMHO the Omnilux LED masks are the best because they use the correct wavelengths of red and near infra-red light (633 nm & 830 nm), they have the most bulbs of similar masks and because it’s flexible the Omnilux gets the bulbs closest to the skin which helps increase intensity of light exposure. See my full mask comparison here.

I’ve been testing all 3 Omnilux Contour masks for the past 3 months and today I have the results and before & after pictures so we can see if they work and if they’re worth your money! Watch the full video above for all the details on these masks, how I use them, and my thoughts on my skin after using them.

Before & After Pictures

I never know what to expect when I look at the after pictures but these shots of my neck really impressed me!
I was hoping the big wrinkle would be gone, but it’s been with me a long time (gotta keep expectations realistic).
I DO like seeing less crepey skin around it though!
In this series I’m just tipping my head forward and lowering my chin to make my neck more wrinkled (fun)!
Even so, the skin looks less crepey especially on the lower part of my neck!
This is the previous picture zoomed in to show detail.
It’s not the neck of a 20 year old, but I’ll take this amount of improvement!!
This is the same picture as above zoomed in to show detail.
In the side view I think my skin looks a little firmer with fewer wrinkles and the jowles look less saggy!
Same picture as above zoomed in to show detail.
Using the face mask for 3 months, I think my skin looks brighter overall and firmer!
And I’m seeing fading of my age spots!

*Photos are taken in a non-clinical setting and are not retouched. I try to keep my expression the same and the angle of my neck the same for the before & after but it’s hard to match it exactly 3 months later. Lighting is the same and camera is in the same position throughout.

All in all I’m really impressed with the difference in my skin after using the Omnilux masks for 3 months and will definitely be continuing with them!!

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