Product Review ~ Physicians Formula Organic Wear Bronzer

I love the idea of organic makeup, I mean, I try to eat organic food whenever possible to put fewer chemicals into my body, so why wouldn’t I also try to reduce the number of chemicals I put on my body?

Bronzer stillSo, when I was looking for a bronzer, I noticed the Organic Wear Line from Physicians Formula at the drugstore and decided to give it a try. According to the packaging this bronzer is 100% free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic preservatives, and that all sounds good to me.

The product comes in a cute package with a mirror and a goat-hair brush for application, and a nice leaf pattern pressed into the powder. There are 2 colors which can be mixed, or used separately.

PF Brush stillThe shape of the brush is perfect for contouring under my cheeks, and under my chin. It’s soft and easy to use, and one of my favorite things about this product!

The powder is super fine and very matte and goes on PF apply stillsilky smooth and sheer. I don’t like a strong contour line and this product goes on nice and sheer, yet is buildable for whatever coverage you prefer. All in all, I like it very much.

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