Q&A Part 2 ~ At-Home Anti-Aging Devices

Part 2 of my series on most frequently asked questions is about at-home anti-aging devices. Part 1 was on derma rolling which is a device, but people ask about it so often, it needed it’s own post. In this 4 part series, I’ll answer the most asked, but most difficult to answer anti-aging questions!

Question 2: Have you tried at-home device X (X = Tria Laser, NuFace Trinity, PMD, Baby Quasar etc.) and if so did it work?

I’ve tried a couple of the anti-aging devices because they were sent to me for free to try (one of the perks of being a blogger), but I haven’t bought one with my own money. With price tags of $200 – $500 per device, it’s a lot to spend to try them all. . . but I am curious to see if they work which is why when an offer comes in, I accept!

So far I’ve tried the Jenu Ultrasonic Skincare Device and the PMD Microdermabrasion device. The results were ok, but I didn’t continue using either of them after the trial period, and I guess that’s why I haven’t rushed to buy the others. I’d much rather save my money on the devices and put it toward an in-office procedure that I know will work, work well, and most importantly work quickly.

PMD 1st Use

The devices are scaled-down versions of in-office treatments so they have the potential to be somewhat effective but based on the two I’ve tried, they don’t come close to the results in-office. They can also be tedious and time consuming to use. Most of the devices need to be used every day for 10-20 minutes a day for 60 days to see results. Once you stop using the device as often results fade rapidly. In-office treatments usually take under an hour and results are visible within days and can last (depending on the treatment) for months or years.

Obviously there’s quite a large difference between spending a couple hundred on a device and a couple thousand on a procedure, so if you have more time than money, the devices could be the way to go. I certainly don’t have all the money in the world but I also don’t have tons of time either and I find adding another 20 minutes a day on top of the time I already spend on personal care to be just too much for me.

I’ve been researching Ultherapy, CO2 Laser, and Red Light therapy recently with the hope of choosing one to try at my dermatologists office this year. So as always, I’ll be saving my anti-aging dollars for the “big guns”.

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