Rachel K CC Cream Review ~ Mature Skin

Here’s my review of Rachel K CC Cream for mature skin. I have yet to find a BB or CC cream that I like. They either break me out, or look ghostly, or have no coverage at all. So I had decided to stop trying them and just use a tinted moisturizer for my no-makeup days. I was chatting with Jan at Catalina031 (her YouTube channel) about the disappointment that is the BB and CC cream movement and she offered to send me a tube of Rachel K CC cream that she had reviewed. She liked it ok, but not enough to use it regularly.

There are beauty guru’s on youtube who rave about this stuff, and I was curious to see if it would be as good on my mature skin as it is on their younger skin. So Jan sent it, and I gave it a try.

Rachel K CC Cream

Here’s my review of Rachel K CC Cream for mature skin:

According to it’s packaging, this “CC Cream is a much more refined and improved BB cream which combines various benefits all in one – color control, oil control, whitening, brightening, moisturizing and UV protection with SPF 35 PA ++.” It comes in 2 colors, neutral and original. The one Jan sent is the original in the black tube. It’s for fair skin with pink undertones. The neutral is in a pink tube and is for medium to olive skin tone with yellow and neutral undertones.

CC creams are meant to replace your 3-step morning routine with one product that moisturizes, provides anti-aging benefits, and sun protection. But for me this doesn’t provide enough of any of those 3 to replace my individual products. It’s not very moisturizing (actually felt drying during the day), the anti-aging ingredients are pretty far down the ingredients list behind water, sunscreens, and 4 dimethicone compounds to do much for my older skin, and the spf 35 is way lower than the spf 50-70 I wear every day. It also has a flowery scent which I don’t like (I prefer unscented products).

According to Rachel K you take a pea sized amount and pat it into skin – don’t rub or it can be streaky. Here I am applying the cream:

Rachel K CC 02

Rachel K CC 03

Here’s what it looks like all patted in:

Rachel K CC After

Do I love this ghostly white, yet sheer, yet blotchy coverage? Definitely not. You can still see all my redness, age spots, pimple spots and pores. But all the YouTubers say to use it only as a primer and put makeup over it for a perfect application that’ll keep makeup in place all day with no oily breakthrough.

Here’s the before and after:

Rachel K B&A

I’ve tried it under mineral powder foundation, as well as liquid and neither looks good. With mineral powder the powder sticks right to the CC cream in a thick, cakey way. With liquid foundation, the foundation mimics the blotchy look of the primer application. I worked at getting this to look reasonably wearable for 10-15 minutes each time I applied it, and never had great results… and that’s just too much time for me. Plus it costs $39, and that’s a lot for something you’re only going to use as a primer!

Here’s what it looks like with liquid foundation over it:

Rachel K CC 04

For me this is an epic fail. It could be my use of exfoliating anti-aging products is the reason it didn’t go on smoothly or blend into my skin, but aside from the splotchy blending, it had no color correcting coverage, and it didn’t control oil very well either.

To watch my video review on YouTube, please click the link below:

Rachel K CC Cream Review ~ Mature Skin


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