Product Review ~ Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation

I have a couple of foundations that I can count on to always look great, but I’ve yet to find the ever illusive ‘holy grail’ foundation…  so the search continues! The new Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation caught my eye in Sephora recently,  the name just yelled out from the shelf: “I’m New!! I’m Different! I’m the Best Foundation You’ve Ever Tried!!” (at least to me…)

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel


I got a sample in “Beige Light”. I brought it home, looked into the ingredients & the marketing and gave it a whirl. The Genius Gel sells for $48 for 1 oz. and comes in 16 shades. It’s a water/dimethicone base with a couple of waxes like candelilla and parafin, mica to reflect light, some hyaluronic acid and a little vitamin e. It does contain fragrance and some other potentially irritating ingredients like limonene, hexyl-cinnamal, and bismuth.

Here’s what Marc Jacobs has to say about this foundation on their web page:

“Erase the past, perfect the present and protect the future with this breakthrough buildable gel. Features best-in-class gel performance with first-to-market buoyancy gel technology. This anti-aging foundation protects and hydrates skin with coconut water extracts. From natural-to-full coverage, your skin is awakened to its original translucence and clarity. See it as it was before too much sun, too many late nights, and prepare it for tomorrow as well.” 

I don’t know about you, but I’d love a foundation that could do all that!!

So here’s me with my usual base of serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen all ready to LOVE Genius Gel…

Marc Jacobs GG Before

Naked skin before applying Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

…And here’s me after applying:

Marc Jacobs GG After

After applying Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

From this distance, it looks decent… it evened out my skin tone, disguised a little of the redness on my cheeks and chin, but still lets my freckles show through. It’s a little more “dewey” than I like, and I wouldn’t say I’m perfected or that my skin looks “awakened to it’s original clarity”. So, from a distance I’d say it’s fine, maybe even pretty good… but then I looked in my close-up mirror and got quite a shock!

Marc Jacobs GG Close Up 2

Close-up wearing Marc Jacobs Genius Gel… Yikes!

That’s just hideous!! I mean, it didn’t even look good for 5 minutes. I suppose it would be “genius” if we were all looking for a foundation that made us look OLDER and WRINKLIER… but who wants that??There’s nothing “genius” about a foundation that goes directly into wrinkles and pores making them look MORE visible!

Well, there’s one more product line I can cross off my list. So the search continues…

Here’s the video review of 3 new makeup products including Marc Jacobs Genius Gel:

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