RAVE Review ~ InStyler Rotating Iron

It’s an exciting day here at Hot & Flashy! I just got a new hot styling tool and I’m going to break it out of the box and see if it really works! It’s the InStyler Rotating Iron and I bought it at Target for $87.66 (kind of expensive), BUT it’s supposed to be able to give me fabulous curls, or straight hair, or volume, or body or all 3 at once!!

InStyler in Box

This is the InStyler for dry hair, there’s also a model for wet to dry styling, but I already have tools I like for wet to dry. What I need is something to transform my 2nd day frizzy bed-hair into lovely flowing locks!

My lovely 2nd day bed-head hair... Help!!

This is what I wake up to every day… Help!!

The InStyler comes with a heat protector mat for the counter, a heat protector guard for my head/hands, the usual papers, and a DVD with styling instructions.

InStyler Contents

The InStyler has 3 heat settings: 410 degrees for course and thick hair, 315 degrees for medium to fine hair, and 285 degrees for thin fine hair. The instructions say to section the hair into 1-3″ pieces and run the InStyler slowly down the length of the hair to let the iron work it’s “magic“.

I’m hair challenged and can not work a blow dryer/round brush, or a curling iron, or a flat iron (sad I know)… so I didn’t have very high hopes that I’d be able to do this either. But I forged ahead anyway! I  kept the heat guard on for the first passes and I’m glad I did! The barrel gets HOT and it’s hard to keep it away from ears/fingers/scalp until you get the hang of it. Watching the DVD was really helpful and after watching it, I was able to get up and running pretty quickly!

Side Bangs

Look! Look!! In just 5 minutes this side looks great!

I didn’t want to try anything tricky like a full on curl to start, so I went for smooth polished length with a little bend at the ends… and was AMAZED that it actually did just that!! The trick is to do just as the instructions say and go slowly, then bend the wrist to create the curl at the end and hold for an extra 3-5 seconds (I found it was more like 10 seconds). The thing that really thrilled me was getting my side-bangs to flip back!! I can never get them to do that… so YAY!!

Having success with the basics was great and enough for me to give this a rave review, but this was so much fun to use, I just had and go for the elusive curl. I’ve been dying to wear those long beachy waves for a couple years, but can’t get them with any of my current tools, so I’m going to be brave and remove the heat guard and give it a whirl!!


WOW! Will you look at those ringlets?!? I know you can’t tell by the pic, but I was jumping up and down with the sheer joy of it all!! I mean, to get curls like that on the very first use just blows me away!! With a little practice I should be able to do them quickly and easily and when ever I want!!

Here’s my first attempt at a whole head of easy breezy beachy waves a few days later:

Final Hair

I’m in LOVE with this product!!

I think that’s the best my hair’s looked in 3 years, so not bad for a first effort! And the curls and smoothness lasted all through a humid summer day, a nights sleep, and still looked decent the next morning! It’s LOVE!!

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