Reduced Under Eye Wrinkles & Crows Feet? JeNu 30-Day Results!

I’ve been using a new wrinkle reducing system for the past 30 days and have had my fingers crossed the whole time, hoping that it will really work! At 50, my under eye wrinkles are starting to get bigger, deeper and more pronounced. So when JeNu offered to send me their ultrasound wand to test, I figured I’d give it a try to see if it works.

For details about the device and how to use it, see my previous post on this blog (just click on the “Anti-Aging” tab above and look for “JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System”, or visit the JeNu website at

Jenu did a clinical study of 30 women and they said 100% of participants saw results. The results they cite on their site are a 45% reduction in wrinkles and a 92% increase in hydration after 14 days.

I used the device on my eyes every night, and on my lips every morning for the first 2 weeks, then bumped up to doing everything twice a day. Each cycle runs for 1 minute, so using the wand takes 6 minutes a day.

So, the big question is: Did I experience the same results???

The big answer is: Yes, and No. While I am in the 100% who saw some results, I’d say my under eye skin is slightly more hydrated, and my wrinkles are reduced, but by more like 10-25%. I think my crows feet look about the same. My lips were temporarily plumped each time I used it, but they showed little to no wrinkle reduction.

But, why just take my word for it? Here are my before and after pictures so you can judge for yourself:
(Keep in mind that I take my pictures at home, not in a clinical setting, so lighting, angle, amount of smile, focus etc. may be different from before to after even though I try to keep them the same.)





JeNu B&A RSF NSJeNu B&A Lips S








So, what do you think? Do you see results here that would make it worthwhile for you to spend $250 to buy the device (plus ongoing refills of the serums), and 3-6 minutes a day to use it?


If you’re interested in purchasing the JeNu device, they’re offering a discount code for Hot&Flashy users: Go to and at checkout enter promo code “AngieVIP” for 20% off a JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System. Offer valid through 9/6/13




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