Salmon Salad Recipe

This is like tuna salad only made with canned salmon instead! I make a can or 2 at at time and keep refrigerated for a quick and easy protein topper for my lunch salad!

It’s not really a recipe, I just do it by eye so measurements are approximate.

Break up 1 can of canned salmon into a bowl.
Pour in cider vinegar to moisten (about 1 T)
Add a heavy sprinkle of curry powder (1t), a shake of cumin, & Trader Joe’s Nori Kome Furikaki Multipurpose Seasoning (1/2 t) (or seaweed flakes, white & black sesame seeds), a grind of fresh black pepper.
Stir to combine.
Add 1T Cedars Tzatziki or Plain Greek Yogurt & mix.
Add chopped pickles, onions, grapes or whatever you like to taste!

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