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Casual Affordable Summer Outfit Try-On!

Summer is my favorite season and summer clothes are definitely the most fun to shop for! My summer style is pretty casual but I always like to look modern so I go for more affordable pieces that incorporate some of the trends. If you like anything you see, everything can …

9 BEST Amazon Sweaters Under $35!

Finding budget friendly, good quality, great looking clothes on Amazon is like finding a needle in a haystack and I’ve returned more sweaters than I’ve kept! These are the 9 Best Amazon Sweaters I’ve found for Under $35!

Makeup 101 for Mature Beginners | 3-Step Eyeshadow Tutorial!

Today I’m showing you an easy 3-Step, 2-Color Eyeshadow look for Mature Beginners. I’ll address the specific needs of hooded, crepey, sagging lids with this detailed tutorial! Hope this is helpful!! Other Makeup 101 for Mature Beginners Posts Makeup 101 Mature Beginner Makeup Kit: 101 Mature Beginner Natural Look …