TanCeuticals CC+ Self Tanning Body Lotion Review

Summer’s almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about a safe way to tan this year. I’m into sunless tanning so I’m always happy to try out a new self-tanning product. This review is on TanCeuticals CC+ Self Tanning Body Lotion which was sent to me by the company to try.

I was extra excited to try this one because it’s much more than just a self-tanner, it’s also got really nourishing ingredients so skin will be more hydrated and younger looking! It contains acai berry, cocoa seed butter, grape seed oil, mango seed butter, rose hip seed, sweet almond extract, aloe, macadamia nut oil, pomegranate extract, shea butter and vitamin E.

TanCeuticals CC+ Self Tanning Body Lotion ~ $32 for 4.2 oz., $8.99 for the mitt

TanCeuticals Prod Shot

It also has a strong coconut scent to mask the self-tanner smell. My whole bathroom smelled like coconut while I applied it, but I definitely didn’t smell any of that self-tanner smell. I did get used to the scent quickly and it didn’t smell once it was washed off the next day.

To apply, you first shower and exfoliate, then use a mitt or rubber gloves and rub the cream over all the areas you want to tan. Then let it dry for a few minutes before getting dressed. The product needs to stay on your skin for 7-8 hours, so it’s best to go to bed and let it soak in overnight. When you get up, you shower again and then you’re tan!

TanCeuticals B&A

The product promises a streak-free tan in a natural bronze (not orange) color and it delivers for the most part. The color is great and very natural, not orange, and while I didn’t have any streaking, I did have a few areas where the tan was darker than others, or where it ended abruptly (because I didn’t blend it well enough). It takes a little practice to get it on right, so don’t use it for the first time right before you go to a big event or the beach because you may need to make some adjustments. The product goes on sheer so you can’t see exactly where it’s going and how thick it’s going on, but because it’s not colored, it doesn’t leave tan marks on your clothes or sheets while it sinks in either.

It’s best to put some moisturizer on elbows, knees, fingers and toes or any areas that are dryer and will absorb more of the product so they come out even. I also used a makeup remover towelette to clean the palms of my hands after application. Once I got the hang of applying it, I really loved it! It makes it easy to get a natural looking tan overnight. I was really happy with the color and it looked great for 4-5 days before it started wearing off. Moisturizing every day helps it last longer.



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