This Week in Angie’s World

Saturday We were away for the weekend, celebrating my daughter’s birthday with family so we ate out a lot and of course had birthday cake! I pulled a muscle in my lower back loading my old doggie into the car (she can’t jump right in there the way she used to).


Sweetest dog ever!!

Sunday – Being out of town gave me an excuse to lay off the workouts and rest my back, but I did do a few standing stretches to help it feel better! I had to stop by the drugstore for some Advil, and while there picked up a lip gloss from L’Oreal Caress in 191 Stubborn Plum. It has a really unique feel and even though the color looks wild in the package, it looks quite nice on the lips.


The color’s off in this picture, it’s more of a hot pink!

Monday – We got back just in time for dinner and had a big salad that cleaned out all the left overs in the fridge! It had chicken, shrimp, avocado, edamame, almonds, apples, raisins, red peppers and mushrooms – just right after a weekend of restaurant food.

Tuesday – The back was feeling much better, so I did an old video (yes actual video tape!). The Firm Complete Aerobics and Weight Training, Volume 4. Then edited and posted part 1 of my Viewer Q&A video. Then off to the grocery store to re-stock the fridge. They had fresh wild alaskan salmon! It’s rare that the salmon wasn’t previously frozen, and what a difference it makes. I pan seared it with pesto on top, and made roasted veggies and quinoa for sides.


Oven Roasted Veggies ~ sooo easy!

Wednesday – Filmed yet another under eye concealer segment, then went out to the garden to spread some more mulch. Dinner was ground chicken lettuce wraps with artichoke hearts and orzo salad on the side.


Ground Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Orzo Salad

Thursday – A short heat wave started this morning. I went for an early bike ride (before it got too hot) – & rode 21.5 miles. My biking buddy wants to do “marathon” rides, so we just need to pedal 5 more miles next time! I need to look at a map to plan a new route to add in those miles. For dinner I made Pinto Gallo with chicken (costa rican rice & beans). The kids were thrilled!

photo-11 copy

My trusty steed – that water bottle came in handy in the heat

Friday – Videotaped, edited and posted Viewer Questions Part 2, including a question for Dr. Schultz of DermTV. It was 98 degrees, so a good day to stay inside enjoying the A/C. I stopped by the mall to get another sample of Estee Lauder Invisible Foundation. The one I tried and loved was a little too warm for me, so I got the cool tone to try before I buy. The kids had friends over to swim, so they got pizza for dinner and I had a black bean burger (from the freezer) and left over veggies.


My Holy Grail Foundation?

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