This Week in Angie’s World

Saturday – The heat wave continues with temps reaching 98 again today, but the plants I bought for my patio pots are getting root-bound, so today’s the day! I’ll just try to stay in the shade and hydrate! Carrying all my heavy clay pots and the bags of potting soil from the garage to the patio is my workout for the day. Then shower and get ready for my dinner guests. I served chicken and steak shish-kabobs along with a cool orzo/feta salad and corn, edamame, red pepper salad for sides.

photo-20 copy

The pay-off for all that hard work! Zephrine Dhrouin climbing rose.

Sunday – Go for a hike up the nearby “mini-mountain” with my daughter. Then back to gardening to clean out the neglected veggie beds and put the first batch of vegetable plants in (watermelon and green bean seeds are planted in the back). Take the kids out for dinner (hubs away on business), to a place with great french fries. . . torture!! But I eat my chicken and asparagus wrap, and treat myself to 2 fries, my taste buds are sad, but my heart is soooo happy!

photo-19 copy

Monday – Do Tracie Long Defined Lines workout. It’s one of my favorites. Then grocery shopping for ingredients for Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins which will be my youtube post for tuesday. Film the muffin recipe, upload and edit video. Daughter wants pulled pork, so that was cooking all day in the crock pot.

CCZ Muffin for Blog

Tuesday – Post muffin recipe and practice with eyelid glue for upcoming video. . . hilarious!! Write blog post. Take pictures for upcoming blog posts. HauteLook order finally arrives: The Balm Nude ‘tude eyeshadow palette, crease brush, and nail polish. . . can’t wait to try the eyeshadows. Swordfish for dinner with baked potatoes and broccoli.

The Balm Nude Tude

Wednesday – Do Paul Katami Kettle Bell Workout. Go to the mall to buy Estee Lauder Foundation while they’re having a free gift with purchase! It’s a nice Lilly Pulitzer beach tote, a lipstick, lipgloss, bronzer, choice of moisturizer, and mascara. Turkey/zucchini burgers for dinner on whole wheat buns with oven baked eggplant “fries”.

EL Lilly P

Lilly Pulitzer tote from Estee Lauder gift with purchase

Thursday – Record Botox video, and call botox doc to schedule appointment to touch up forehead, because for $800 it’s got to be perfect. Package arrives from IT cosmetics full of samples to try and review on Youtube! Do a clean out the fridge dinner that turns into a Corn, Chorizo, Mushroom and Shrimp Chowder. So nice for today, since the heatwave ended and now it’s 60 degrees and raining.

photo-9 copy 2

Friday – Do Tracie Long “Finding Your Core” ball workout. Realize botox video somehow didn’t save, re-record the whole thing, edit and upload to youtube. Write blog posts. Friday sushi lunch with girlfriends! Take-out dinner from local thai restaurant.

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