This Week In “Angie’s World”

I get so many questions on my Youtube channel about how I stay fit and what I eat that I thought I’d start doing a new segment here on my blog about what I’ve been up to on a weekly basis, and also include new beauty and clothing purchases. So here goes!

This week I only did one workout DVD because I got 5 yards of mulch (about 2,500 pounds) delivered and I spent 4 days spreading it. I used to workout and spread mulch in the same day, but now that just makes me tired, so now I consider hard gardening and yard chores workouts.

Saturday: Spread 1 yard of mulch (it’s about 500 lbs per yard to shovel into a wheelbarrow, push, dump and spread), cut a new edge in big garden bed, weed, and plant perennials (7 hours). Sushi dinner with edamame and green tea.

Sunday: Spread another yard of mulch, edge another bed (5 hours). Chicken and herb tortellini with fresh pesto and salad.

Monday: Film “Fun with Face Masks” video. Edit and post for tuesday. Spread 1 yard mulch. Bison steaks for dinner with brussels sprouts and whole wheat pearl couscous.

Tuesday: Spread 1 yard of mulch. Get 2 pints of blueberries and 2 pints of raspberries at grocery in a bogo! Will have fresh berries on vanilla yogurt for afternoon snack all week. Meet a friend for dinner & a movie, share a balsamic, proscuitto, and arugula pizza. See new Star Trek movie (eye candy). 😉

Wednesday: Film “Best & Worst ~ Testing 4 Liquid Foundations”. Pasta with turkey meatballs and marinara sauce with salad.

Thursday: Raining out so no bike ride and no mulching… but lots to do… hem semi dress for daughter 1, shop & wrap bday gifts for daughter 2, edit video for friday. Stop at Whole Foods for fish, make fish curry for dinner over jasmine rice with red peppers and chick peas (yum!)

Friday: Workout DVD – Back-Up from Tracie Long’s Longevity Series. Love this one. She concentrates on the large muscles of the back side below the waist and the small muscles in the back and shoulders with unusual moves lifting small weights. Post foundations video. Host pre-Semi picture party. Out for Sushi to new Japanese restaurant.



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