Having Trouble with Necklace Clasps? Problem Solved!

One of the sad truths of aging is that as we get older things we used to do with ease can become difficult, if not impossible to do. These aren’t major life altering things, just little basics that I for one used to take for granted. For lack of a better term, I’ll call them the “inconveniences” of aging… things like wearing readers at restaurants, learning a new way to put on eyeshadow to disguise drooping lids, or using a device to open a pickle jar. Lately, I’ve been having trouble with necklace clasps. Not all of them, just the teeny tiny ones. I don’t know if it’s the vision thing, or if I have less dexterity in my hands, but whatever it is, I have a heck of a time putting on certain jewelry and it’s really frustrating!!

For a while I just stopped wearing anything with a dainty clasp and opted for chunky fasteners that I could still work, or long necklaces that I could just put over my head.


But then I was in Stein Mart and saw a product called “MagnetiClasp” which lets you clip magnets onto the ends of necklaces for no hassle clasping! I bought one in silver and one in gold tone and started using them. They were so easy to attach (readers required) to the necklace with the attached clasp and ring and my necklace problem was solved!

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic Clasp Open

Magnetic Clasp Closed


I love them so much I’ve decided to get a few more so I went shopping for them on Amazon. To my surprise and delight, they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. There are even locking magnets for your more valuable jewels!

Set of 5 Silver Tone Magnetic Replacement Clasps*:

Set of 5 Gold Tone Magnetic Replacement Clasps*:

Set of 4 Locking Silver Magnetic Replacement Clasps*:

Set of 4 Locking Gold Magnetic Replacement Clasps*:

Sterling Silver 5mm Magnetic Replacement Clasp*:


I’m ordering the locking clasps in both colors so I can fix up all my necklaces, and I might even get some extras for stocking stuffers!



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