How To Wear Colored Eyeshadow Over 50 & Make Hooded Eyes Pop

I get asked a lot if colorful eyeshadow is appropriate for older women. . . and I always say YES, but with modifications because the truth is that as we age our skin develops problems like sagging and wrinkling that vibrant colors can accentuate. So, while we can still wear colors, I think they look best when done subtly and in mostly matte tones.

To watch the video tutorial, click the link below:

How to Wear Colored Eyeshadow Video Tutorial

Purple Shadow Eyes Closed

Products used in this tutorial:

  • Mac Paintpot in “Painterly”
  • Mac Matte Eyeshadow in Blanc Type
  • Mac Matte Eyeshadow in Malt
  • Sephora Colorful Shimmer in “Rock the Runway” No. 51
  • Wet n Wild Shimmer Eye Pencil in “Silver”
  • Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12HR Wear Waterproof in 32 “Tango Night”
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara in “Black” or other mascara

Step 1:

Using a your finger or a flat brush, spread a thin layer of Mac Paintpot in “Painterly” over the eyelid starting at the lash line and blending up above the crease almost to the eyebrow.


Step 2:

Using a  soft shadow brush, apply lightest shade of eyeshadow (Blanc Type) over the eyelid starting at the lash line and blending just to the crease. Add more just below the eyebrow.

Blanc Type

Step 3:

Using a soft crease brush, apply medium eyeshadow shade (Malt) to the outer corner of the eyelid just above the lash line and from outer corner to above the pupil in the crease. Use a large fluffy blending brush to blend the color upwards above the crease leaving the inner corner and 2/3 of eyelid lighter.


Step 4:

Using a small pointed crease brush, pat darkest shadow (Rock the Runway) on top of medium shadow, but in a narrower band starting at the outer corner of the lid and patting upward to the crease and across half way.


Step 5:

With a large soft brush, blend the darker color upward into the medium color using circular motions and leaving most of the eyelid light.


Step 6:

Trace inner lid of lower lashes with Wet n Wild Shimmer Eye Pencil in “Silver”.


Step 7:

Tightline upper lash line with Sephora Contour Eye Pencil “Tango Night” by pointing pencil tip straight in toward the eye, closing the lid down on the the pencil and rubbing it back and forth with gentle upward pressure. If you like more drama, line above the top lashes too, smudging the line to soften.

Tightline Purple Top Liner

Step 8:

 Apply Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara in “Black”  to upper lashes.


Purple Eyeshadow Thumb


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