WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Review

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Review

I was contacted by University Medical a few months ago to try their new hands-free, wrinkle-erasing patch system WrinkleMD. I accepted their offer and they sent me both their Brow and the Eye systems! I reviewed the Brow system a month ago and now it’s time to do the Eye system.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit ~ $199 at Nordstrom & Ulta

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit ~ $199 at Nordstrom & Ulta

I’ve been using the WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System for a month and I’ve had time to look at the before & after pictures and report my results. . . I wasn’t impressed with the Brow system so I was shocked when I started seeing results with the Eye system!

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit

WrinkleMD is a hands-free patch that attaches to a battery operated microprocessor that uses Ion Infusion technology to transport hyaluronic acid and peptides into the skin. I thought that was a really exciting concept since most injectable fillers are made of hyaluronic acid so this could work like surface level filler!

The company’s marketing materials state that their clinical results are:

  • 15X greater reduction in the appearance of wrinkles than th eliding anti-wrinkle serum
  • 95% of participants experienced immediate results – smoother, softer, plumper-looking skin with a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 800% more anti-aging peptides delivered than manual application alone
  • 100% painless
WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System Starter Kit

The starter kit retails for $199 and contains 5 patches, the activator pod and connector, and the WrinkleMD Youth Serum. I also received the WrinkleMD Infusion Skin Prep which is a basic witch hazel toner and retails for $25. The starter kit contains enough patches for 5 treatments, but they recommend using 2 patches the first week, so the kit will last 1 month of weekly treatments.

WrinkleMD Skin Prep Toner

WrinkleMD Infusion Skin Prep Toner

The treatments are supposed to be done once a week for 30 minutes each session. Each treatment consists of washing the face, using the toner to make sure the skin is free of any dirt and oils, adhering the patch and the activator pod, waiting 30 minutes, and then following with the WrinkleMD Youth Serum. The pod is self timing and there’s a flashing green light that stops flashing when the treatment is finished. It doesn’t vibrate of make a noise so sometimes I didn’t know it had stopped so I started setting my phone timer to alert me.

Me trying to look beautifical while wearing the patches like the model on the box!

Me trying to look beautifical while wearing the patches like the model on the box!

While the patch was working I got a prickly feeling in the area covered that I’d best describe as “pins and needles”. It wasn’t painful, but was definitely an odd sensation that was more than a “gentle tingle”. But it made me feel like something was going on under there! After I removed the patch my skin was slightly red from the adhesive. I used the Youth Serum immediately after and it was a lovely serum that soothed my skin. It has great ingredients like oat kernel extract, squalane, peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. It also has a scent which I didn’t love, and on it’s own the serum sells for $79.


The activator pod stops flashing when the treatment is finished

Each patch can only be used once so there are refills that retail for $149 and contain 8 more patches (or a 2 months supply). The activator pod has a 2 year warranty. So if it works great and you want to use it weekly on an ongoing basis, it’ll run about $1,000 a year.

Ok, well I think that’s all the background info, now onto my test and results!

As always I have to give my disclaimer which is that my testing is done at home and not in a clinical setting. I take before and after pictures trying to keep the lighting, angle, and amount of expression the same. I don’t get any fillers or botox done around my eye area and I haven’t had any other treatments around my eye area.

These Before & After pics are from immediately before and immediately after the 1st treatment:

WrinkleMD Eye B&A 1st Use 1 Blog

In this photo my face and eyes are relaxed and expressionless

WMD Eye B&A 1st Use 2

In this photo I’m smiling the same amount both photos

WMD Eye B&A 1st Use 6

Looking at the pictures, I can actually see an improvement in my crows feet and in the wrinkles beneath my eyes after the first use! If you read my review of the Brow System, you know I didn’t see any difference with that product, so I was sure this one wouldn’t work either. So I was VERY surprised to see an improvement in the photos after one use.

Here are the before & after pics taken a month later after the 5th treatment:

No Smile

No Smile

WMD Eye B&A 5th Use 1


WMD Eye B&A 5th Use 4

I definitely see the biggest improvement in the non-smiling photos when my face is relaxed. In the smiling shots there’s much less of an improvement, but the wrinkles seem shorter and less deep. It’s clear to me from the pictures that this device actually works! But, I was hoping to see even better results after a month, unfortunately, they seem to be the same as after the 1st use, so I wonder how long-lasting they are. . .

My criticisms of the system are that the patches are a little heavy feeling and seem to drag my eyes down while I wear them, that you can’t apply them really close to the lower lash line or outer corner of the eye so those areas (which are the most wrinkled) don’t get the benefit of the system, and that the edges and corners don’t adhere as well to the skin as they should (most of that can be seen in the photo below).

Heavy Patches

The good news is that this time it actually worked, but the bad news is the same as with the Brow system and that’s the cost. The price of using this is over $1,000 a year per area ($1,000 for the eyes and $1,000 for the brow). I can get botox or filler for about the same amount for a year, and those work much better than this.

If you’re someone who isn’t into invasive treatments with needles, and you have the money, this might be a great system for you.

For more information on the WrinkleMD products, visit their website.

To purchase the Wrinkle MD Eye Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System online, click the links below:





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